Broncos Win but, Emanuel Sanders out for year.

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The Denver Broncos have had such bad luck in the last 5 days. Last week we lost out Pro Bowl CB Chris Harris to a lower leg fracture and then today in practice we lost another great player. Emanuel Sanders is the only veteran WR left on the team and today he went down with a ruptured Achilles Tendon injury. This was a huge blow to the Broncos because Sanders is our best offensive weapon. I still think the Broncos win this week but, this injury list will be hard to overcome.


Hey bro, who is your pick to win the Heisman and why?

I like Ohio States QB. Murray is a Boss but the OSU kid put up sick numbers.

I do agree that the OSU QB had better numbers than Murray (as good as they were). I think that it is Tua's to lose. Unfortunately I think that he just may have lost it in the SEC championship game. Not saying the other guys are backing into it. Just that Tua was such a clear favorite he would have to stumble to lose it.

I'm surprised the line hasn't moved from -4 with the injury to Sanders.
I don't see SF scoring more then 17 and Denver 38.
Feel like this is a lock.

Wonderful post on sports

Out for a year . This is such a great loss to the team .

Been there. I've been watching our local team (SC Gamecocks) playing almost all true freshman on defense. Their injury report on the defensive side of the ball was like 12 people. Even the announcers were feeling sad for us.

Oh no, 'they can't let .... get hurt, he is a true freshman and started 5th on the depth chart.'

I believe they will be another good replacement for Emanuel Sanders in the broncos team. I wish the broncos team the best in their remaining games of the season @broncnutz

If offensive player out from the team. His absence can never be completed .

Yes good player's injury matters in win or lose .
Hope broncos team will win .

I want to say I am surprised with another injury unfortunately I can't!!! Just crazy stuff at the moment. Seems as if this season is just one roadblock after another.

first i am telling again @ broncnutz. this t- shirt looking gorgeous on you and i want to advise you to wear it for 5 days in a week. injury is a part of the game, will be fine soon and they will win again.

Emmanuel crushing my fantasy hopes 😥

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Oh.. God bless you

It was a really bad news, what happend to our Pro-Bowlers

Oh dear.... injuries are the worst... take a long time to recover ... sometimes dont even recover completely....

Thank you Broncnutz for the support !! much appreciated... love your videos

Broncos on a winning spree finally