Broncos Wide Receiver Room All Smiles.

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Denver Broncos wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders expressed his relief after practice today that there in no QB controversy in Denver and Case Keenum is the official starter in Denver. This is the first time in the last couple years where this has been the case and according to Sanders it shows in the vibe of the locker room.
Keenum has squashed all the hype with his sizable 2 year contract and his exceptional play on the field last year. He almost even found his way into the Super Bowl. The Broncos are looking for big things from Keenum and the real battle is going to come down to who the back up in Denver is. Elway has said we will go to camp with only the 3 QB on the roster as of now so they must feel good about Chad Kelly and his surgically repaired wrist on his throwing hand.
It feels good to have Keenum here in Denver in my opinion. Case has been a Broncos fan and more importantly an Elway fan since he was just a young boy. He's living out his childhood dream with the Broncos and he even has the pictures to prove it. I'm just happy for our wide receivers to have renewed confidence in our offense and have a clear cut day one starter for the 2018 season.
Young Case Keenum rockin that Blue and Orange since the playground days!

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Hello mr OG Broncnutz, good to see you once again.I am also a sports fan like you thats why I follow your update.

I love NFL actions.Thanks for sharing with us sir.

Case Keenum is solid. I expect a good year from him.

The Broncos are a team whose history has more ups and downs than the Rocky Mountain skyline. This Super Bowl Sunday, they will be making their eighth appearance on the NFL’s biggest stage. Before kickoff, let’s all take a quick look at the wild world of Denver football...

Hello Broncnutz, how have you been?.
It's been a while I commented I visited your blog.
I've been jobhunting😊
It's 5:38am here in Nigeria and i'm on my way out to continue the search.
Wish me luck.
Have a good night!.

The OG staying true to his Bronc roots.

Do you get this excited every draft/new season or are these moves giving you reason to believe in the immediate term? Chad's thrower gonna be repaired enough to be second string?

Dammit....I am almost starting to pull for them for you.

my faverit sports football,
thanks for sharing

My favourite one.

@broncnutz Denver Broncos is best football player. I really like this person play.

His grandmother, overcome with emotion, was crying, but wide receiver/returner Isaiah McKenzie could only smile after he received the call from the Denver Broncos making him their 2017 fifth-round Draft pick out of the University of Georgia.

Drugs and violence were always right outside his door in a rough Carol City, Florida neighborhood when McKenzie was growing up. He experienced people shot and killed on his own doorstep. And some of those issues didn’t skip his own family. McKenzie’s mother has struggled with a variety of challenges, and has been absent for much of his life. He does not know his father. However, McKenzie progressed through his childhood virtually unscathed, in large part due to the influence of his grandmother who raised him.

The Broncos have made it official. These are their eight undrafted free agents who have signed following the draft weekend: John Diarse, WR, TCU; Jeff Holland, OLB, Auburn; Leon Johnson, T, Temple; Phillip Lindsay, RB, Colorado; Lowell Lotulelei, NT, Utah; Trey Marshall, DB, Florida State; Austin Schlottmann, G, TCU; Jimmy Williams, WR, East Carolina. Several personnel executives in the league said Holland, Lindsay and Lotulelei had multiple suitors. Holland and Lotulelei were also among the invitees at the scouting combine earlier this year.

All smiles Tuesday as #Broncos tight end Virgil Green and wife, Marianne, make his new contract official.

Keenum is perfect player in Denver Broncos. I waited to see his performance in this year. Broncos definitely needed Keenum.

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A good news my brother @broncnutz. Thanks for your information. This news gives me insight. Have a nice day. Thanks for share dear

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Great work
you are really the man of game
i also like game

This is American football or soccers, sir?

it will be great for the broncos to take a lead forward

wonderful update you share always first up on steemit thanks for sharing it bro

I like Keenum. I loved him in college and he is serviceable. You don't need to be great to win a Super Bowl. Look at Doug Williams and Trent Dilfer. But in the last 5 years I've seen too many quarterbacks get hurt. I fully expect backups to play now a days so while there may be no controversy now, I feel like he won't be the only one behind center in 2018. It's going to be a fun team to watch this year.

Nice picture that is from the childhood awesome

I’m so glad to hear Sanders come out and say this. He has long been outspoken about the QB woes. I’m happy with Keenum. I think he got a rough ride at the start having to play for Jeff”dumbass”Fisher.
He had good taste even as a boy it seems. I took a trip down memory lane earlier this afternoon. Reminiscing about the first football game in ever watched and what made me love the Broncos. I was 11 and the rest is history.

smiles all over the broncos fan

wow so many memories attached while being there at the moment

A group of bronks, whose history has more ups and downs than Rocky Mountain Skyline. This super burn Sunday, before Kickoff, let's make a quick look at the wild world of Denver football.

childhood dream come true very rare live this moment

Me imagino tu equipo favorito mejorando sus compras saludos desde venezuela.

it does put a smile on my face for Keenum :)

big news for the broncos fan today great to know about it

that's Og die hard fan boy just like you

thank you for this post , football is very cool

the experience of the game is about to get grand and bigger thank for resteen...

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