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I've two question
1: is that a new channel ?
2: did you made just to post videos o steemit ?
i ask because i saw your channel analytics sorry for that but it performance doesn't look good because of some reasons :)
i can help you with that :) just say the word!


the youtube channel is not new in have had it for about four or five years. I post my vids here on steemit always. I somtimes upload a Dtube as well. How to fix?


then tried to write tags like here on steemit tags related with the topic to let your videos appear for these who's interested on your topic.
And tried to buy a good camera for vlogs and these stuff i recommend you sony a6000 or a6500 good for vlogs

And I will brings you some subscribers as a gift for your efforts here on steem blockchain (real subscribers) and i will tried to help you to get known more on Youtube


Cool Thanks! I usually record with a GoPro and them import my videos to Power Director software to mix and mash stuff up and add some music....this video was only with my ipad because my camera was charging. its usually better.


Youtube logarithm gives a important for the good quality image videos and long videos.
you have the second option long videos and great content but gopro doesn't work for vlogging stuff


and there is something wrong with your channel link why i tried to put on my page it gives that there is something wrong on this link
As i told look on channel id there is some characters missed

good luck Denver:)


We need a little luck...thats for sure!

Feeling confident, while the last couple of games have been disappointing I think Broncos will want to make a statement.


we need to smash em and get some confidence.

All the very best sir.Hope you can make it,its the time to show the world.Good luck sir.

Best of luck denver.Hopefully your team win broncntz.Your all team is so hardworking.

Yes its time to make some good moves for the cause of the team.

Denver stood toe to toe with KC Monday night, one of the Hottest and most versatile offenses going, and this is not going to be easy. They played a very physical hard hitting game that used the whole field...The Jets do not use the whole field on offense and have not since week 1 and stink pretty badly in the secondary on defense...just look at how J'ville exploited that...It's going to be a long season...this is another loss I believe...If they had done something, anything, to make me think otherwise with the way they played last week I would gladly be more hopeful but alas, I'm not...

Good idea dear broncnutz. Nice video

I still question as to why Freeman only had 8 carries the entire MNF game and why von Miller's disappearing act...
Plus Marquette kings shoddy punting setting the table at KC own 40...
But that was yesterday...
Today is today.....😅😅😅😅
If Denver loses vs NY...
I think Musgrave may finally get his interim HC opportunity...
Just a thought....

Well no one is perfect the players have to work hard to pull of a stunner in the next one :)

I Love watching your videos thanks a lot for sharing.

Great broncnutz! thank you my friend

Coaching is always a best idea for improvement . Good video dear sir .

Nice to see you in full energy . Keep it up dear .

I just want some honesty and at least be an objective fan. There is nothing worse than a homer fan. I except the Broncos to trash Sam and the Jets with Sam once again looking marginal at best. 24-20 Broncos with Sam throwing a pick to Chris Harris to end the game.

But I think the key to this game is start fast got to get some points early. Get the crowd going. Win the turnover battle. Finally Bates need to mix things up and not be so predictable. Take some shots deep early and often.