Broncos lose a heartbreaker.

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Well at 2 am I am finally home from the game and still just sick over this loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. The Broncos traded punches with the Chiefs and even held a lead for much of the game but, in the end the Chiefs score two touchdowns in seven minutes to win the game.
There are many things to be optimistic about for Denver fans but, this one hurt bad because it’s a game we should have won. Denver held a 10 point lead deep into the fourth quarter but could not hold on against the high powered Chiefs offense. Give credit to the Chiefs for fighting the way they did but after watching the game I really don’t think they are much better of a team than we are but, they were definitely better tonight.
The Broncos fall to 2-2 and are now two and a half games out of the lead in the AFC West. My crow video and game review will be posted tomorrow because tonight I am just too tired and to bummed out to get it done. Congratulations Chiefs, your team was the better team tonight and you deserved this tough road win in a place that’s not easy to play.

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Cheifs played well and won tough match . Best of luck to broncos team for upcoming matches .

That's a bummer to lose in the last quarter, but in the end ... that's why we love watching football.

As the old saying goes: It ain't over till the fat lady sings

The season is still long, KCC did win 4 but they didn't "outplay" anyone so far. Another test for them is next week jaguars, which looks good this year. And Broncos should heal their broken heart on Jets! :)

Really sad :( Defense was very close to a Sack multiple times but he always got it away just in time. We have been the better team but had some bad luck. Really close game. Next time we are going to win!

Broncos should of won that game. Sheer luck by the chiefs, poor decision by Broncos Wide Receiver at the end and poor pass thrown by Broncos QB which would of been sure TD for win. Smh good game though.

Actually, if the Broncos could take the 2nd half comebacks from weeks 1-2 and the first half plays from last week and today, they could be a very dangerous team.

If only it were that simple to do...

Wow this game was intense. had me sweating til the last play...Both young QBs are gonna be stars in this League.

Well good to listening that you are at home at last.Seems that it was great battle,good luck for the next.

That was a hell of a game. Some damn good football. I have no doubt that we may face each other in the playoffs. That is the best fight the chiefs have had so far and they barely pulled it out. Either the young gun will get better as he settles in or teams will read the tape and find his weaknesses and make him adapt. There is a long season ahead. 3 hard fought road victories is nothing to sneeze at though. Cheers.

Oops, my vote was for you to go to the broncos game instead of the raiders. May have voted wrong there for ya.

I share your post on twitter...

Petty for Broncos they have lost that 10 points lead in last quarter. It was a good, very close game until the very end. I have just watched the highlights on YouTube.

Yes. Thats game ahould have won. But its part of the game. Denver held a 10 point lead was a great moment.

It was a great game. And finaly you are at home. That great

Broncos is such a good team. They will win next game . Tough luck for this match .

Ots very shocking loos after earning 10 poitnts. Littlebit surprising but we hope in the next game will be recover all

That was a really shocking to see the broncos could have done better

Broncos should have continue running the football and minimize the time for the Chiefs offense in the field.
Last pass was a heartbreaker. He dropped the ball resulting on Chiefs having the ball.
Another time.
It is a long season.

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I understand how you feel. Give it the time to time. Now, rest! Greeting dear friend!

Heart breaking match.

I love the Broncos, have done since the mid 80s when I first saw John Elway connect to a receiver on a huge play, my dream is to visit Denver with my mate for a Broncos v Raiders game, he's a Raiders fan, we both live in Scotland.
I hate that the Broncos lost, but the Chiefs are looking like a more than serious contender this year and unless something bad happens to them they'll probably tie up AFC West without too many difficulties. If the Broncos can't get to the Super bowl then I hope the Chiefs do, hell, anyone other than the damned Patriots.

Well come back to home.
But little sad about 2-2. Good luck for the next coming game

Broncos D played good but we really need to clean up these stupid mistakes.

On the other hand, If you're a true Chiefs fan you understand the dangers of getting too excited right now #playoffpains LOL helluva game tho...

It was tough match . Both teams played well .