@broncnutz, i have seen you after a lot of time ....will continue to support you rock...

Seeing your confidence in a live session made me a big fan of your self confidence really it is great to see you speaking on camera so confidently...... @broncnutz it might have taken years to gain this confidence i guess

You have more frequent posts lately ;) live stream ;)719ww broadcast.
have a good night.

Bronc is going to win and they are better than you thought.

love your movies ;)

Damn it!!! I can’t believe I missed this. Because of he time difference I am usually asleep when you post. The live stream would have been so fun! I have been getting more excited every day as we inch closer to camp. I agree that this is the most excited I have been about a draft in a while. I hunk my 10-6 prediction is looking pretty solid.
So, how do I reserve my spot at the Chateau Broncnutz to watch the games? I can only imagine the good times had in that house during a Bronco game!!!

I'll do some more streams in the future for sure. Hey go over to @britchief and give him some shit about his last post. He's a cool dude but I just like to needle him.

Done. LOL, It was a cool vid he made.

Sam Darnold won the New York team lottery landing with Jets.
The Giants are a flagship franchise. But the opportunity to win the Jets' first ring in 50 years is a lot greater than being Eli Manning's successor.

Lets Go Champ!! Nice talking to you OG, hope to see you around soon man! Cheers!

Isaiah is renting space in your head lol

post some OG mask vids


Hey mr broncnutz, good to see you again.I love your talking style.All of your posts are very interesting,keep it up sir.

Great video dear broncos , thanks for this sports vodeo

Is really good watching you live. The video is buffering.

Cool and informative video.

Great live live video.....
Good job sir............

Missed it but later down the line i really enjoyed it.

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Hello dear friend great to see you in live stream again.

Thanks for your great blog post and video sharing.

its long watching.....28th viewer me....thanks for this video.

This is amazing sir thank a lot for being with us.

Broncos could make it

Wonderful stream broncnutz rocking all the way

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great live video, and hello from fellow youtuber as well! I also thought you might be interested in @dlive and doing the live streams there :)

I love your movies...

This take many time for loading.
But this video is awsome

Super mega genial amigo @broncnutz MEJOR que nunca saludos desde Venezuela.

I want to be like you when i grow up..