Broncnutz wins a bet from "The Gambler" on YouTube. Unboxing the Prize!steemCreated with Sketch.

in sports •  last year

I made a bet with a Youtuber named "The Gambler" and today was collection day! This video reveals what the bet was and what I won.

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Great deal! Love the room setup by the way.


Hey thank you! Welcome to my blog.


Thanks, i look forward to new posts!

that's an awesome jersey.. congrats for winning the bid.


It's always fun to win 😂

Your patience was rewarded with a nice looking jersey shirt. A man should always pay up his bets.

Get your Broncs fired up this week. My Cowboys need you to clip the birds.


I don't know how we can win but I know it can be done. We need a bunch of turnovers.

This reminds me about the other day I made a bet with a guy on twitter, he's the one approach me telling that if bitcoin hits 6000 by 27th oct he will pay me 0.1 BTC.
I won, and the coward delete his tweet and won't pay up 😑. Lucky you to have your bet paid, these days not many people honor their words


Yea man you really gotta trust who your betting with. I always pay.

Congrats on the win and yes a man's word is right up there with a firm handshake in my book. Good on you Gambler!


The Gambler is a good dude

Great shirt man

Congratulations :)


Lol...I love Kenny Powers.

wonderful video,great job i wish you success
thanks @broncnutz

Best of luck @broncnutz
Very good job and great video sharing

Nice video broncnutz

Wish u be success.
Best of luck
Thank's for sharing this
@followed and upvoted


I wish you the best.

I wish you all the success sir @broncnutz.

well done doing best

Great works, I wish you success

Awesome Video @broncnutz Resteemed and Share on Steemit Viral Facebook Page by @irfansardar Good Luck!

Best wishes for bet

nice video man, i love it..

cogratulation for your winning.

excellent broncnutz

that looks really nice :)

wohoo broncnutz rocking all the way

Brilliant unboxing really great

That's OG style you had to won it :)

cool that you won that looks cool

great video .. good luck to you

A good news after all ,i do liked the collections ;)

Nice! Hey, I need your Broncos to take care of the Eagles tomorrow. That is a rough crowd in Phili, they like to throw eggs and batteries so tell your boys to keep their lids on while they are sitting on the sidelines.

That's awesome!!!