#1 vs #2 in Colorado

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Yesterday an epic baseball game got played between the top two teams in the state this year. Cheyenne Mountain is a beautiful high school built right on the side of a mountain and showing off it's new baseball facility. In all of southern Colorado, there is not a nicer field for high school baseball that I know of. Pueblo West is about 45 miles south of Colorado Springs and they currently have the #1 team in Colorado. The score ended 6-3 with Pueblo West winning but it. was the most competitive game they have had to play all year.

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The game is on field and watching behind the net is more exciting, just like you playing with them!

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Hi bro? After a long day i find out..nice post you are always make

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to enjoy a good game a !BEER may be a good idea 😉

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It seems like an epic game was made by the two teams and high in action, and very serious about their game.

Standing behind the game and enjoy with some photography, you have picked up the right game.

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baseball is a game that is in great demand by many countries, maybe this match really looks very exciting

Hello @brontnuzt, how are u doing? It seems like the baseball teams always display beautiful games in every game. And you really enjoy it, sir. I think baseball is very popular in America. Even in every school there must be a baseball team. Enjoy your day, my friend.

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This kind of game always superb. You got the video?

I really need to get interested in this game

Happy to play and enjoy the day. 👍

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@broncnutz, Whenever i hear about Baseball then it reminds me of my school days when we were really crazy about Baseball and spent hours on daily basis on this game. Hope that you've enjoyed this time.

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That looks a great place to enjoy watching baseball :)