Beat the Capper NBA is Back! You can now Win Tron(TRX)

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Beat the Capper/Tron Tournaments


Win Tron and a 100% Upvote Picking NBA Games

  • I give you the list of tonight's NBA games
  • Follow, Resteem, Upvote, and comment with your picks, include all picks just winners no spreads.
  • If you want to put you Tron(TRX) on the line join the NBA tournament of the night in The-City Discord
    *Entries must be made by the beginning of the first game

The top record will get a 100% Upvote. All other entries will receive a 10% upvote. If your feeling confident, put some Tron(TRX) into the tournament in The-CIty Discord

Last Tournament Winner: Congrats @steven-patrick, you just won 18 Tron(TRX) with your awesome NBA picks

Tonight's Games: My Picks

MatchupMy Pick
Pacers / BucksBucks
Thunder / BlazersThunder
Thunder / Blazers240 total points

So all you have to do is follow, upvote, resteem, and comment with your picks. Here is an example of an entry with my picks. The last number is the score total of the last game.(to prevent ties, if there is still a tie the first post wins):


How to Win Tron?

There are 2 ways you will be able to win Tron(TRX) in this competition. First I will be keeping record of who beats my picks. Every time you beat my picks, I will give you 1 point. The first person to 10 points will receive 200 Tron(TRX). If there is a tie, we will have a sudden death tie breaker. The second way you can win Tron(TRX) is to join The-City Discord. Then buy a ticket into the tournament with the command:

!tip @BrittUF /Mr.Contest\ 1 ticket

It will cost 10 TRX and then post your picks in #sports-lounge before the first game starts.

If you would like to take a chance at the Beat the Capper Jackpot, you can add on that entry. If you win the tournament and your picks beat mine, you win the jackpot. If I win, the jackpot rolls over. Since this is the first day of the jackpot, it will start with 5 TRX and never be any lower. To enter use the command:

!tip @BrittUF /Mr.Contest\ 1 entry

If you don't have any Tron in your Discord Tip wallet, use the command:


To get your deposit address. Its that simple. Then all you have to do is place in the money with your picks and I will send you your winnings the same night.

Current Standings/Winning Picks

Winning Picks


I got 4 correct picks.

Current Standings


No one has Beat the Capper yet, so no points. but @mb00207 did tie my picks and wins the 100% upvote


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