Max Verstappen won today

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Today in AbuDabhi our national race hero Max Verstappen won the formula 1 Grand Prix !


We couldn’t have been more proud.


It was Verstappen's second win in 2020, he dominated the race in Abu Dhabi. And won with 15 sec between him and number 2 Bottas. The Abu Dhabi GP is the seventeenth and final race of the Formula 1 season. Max Verstappen started from pole position for the third time in his career, and next year we hope that will be even more.
Max Verstappen won a GP first place tilts altready in this season, on August 9 at Silverstone in England. It’s Max his tenth victory in his F1 career, and he also made driver of the day AND he had the fastest lap.


Now we have to wait 93 days again till we can have racing sundays again. We had a blast today, photos are Mina taken from the couch with a bag of chips from the circuit in Abu Dhabi.


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