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Here we go again. I have done over 550 - 4 o’clocky’s *- My signature daily blog !
I know alot of you read it and that gives me the drive to be in your life with My thoughts and ideas every day 😉


Some time ago I’ve written about the ‘best’ time to submit a blogpost so you’ll receive worldwide exposure.
I came up with the term 4 o'clocky and I thought this might be a great idea to make a blogpost every day at 4 o'clock local time with this title. Every day I’ll submit a blogpost about something that keeps me busy, a challange, a contest or something important enough to share so Lets blog on and See you every day here at 4 !

This is My 4 o’clocky for today :

When it’s weekend in the centre off my hometown Rotterdam there are street artists everywhere. I love the fact you see so much happening. Like in every big city when you go and sit on a terrace and look at the people. We went and watch a group of skateboarders and their tricks.





Thanks for stopping by, its appreciated
And remember Focus on Being creative instead of Being busy !

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Man that has got to be tough to learn. Imagine how many times they fell on hard concrete to get to that level.

I bet that guy would love your photos. Perhaps he needs to join steem and see them!

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I send them on the spot he said no body ever stopped to offer pictures so I said I will make them
If you fly and he did

My friend has a skateboard as well, and sometimes when we're walking to class he'll zip past us leaving us with "catch you guys later"...lol. But I don't think he is that good with it to do those tricks yet, lol. Maybe in a few years haha.

Sometimes it just gets weirdly interesting when you start to think of the physics involved with these tricks, but I think that's just the side effect of me studying physics for multiple semesters straight... :3

Well this guy fell a few times and I thought the same !!

My son did those kinda things too when hé was younger hé is 30 already now 😊

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Haha the good old days