Football Season Begins!

in sports •  4 months ago

Today is the kickoff for the new NFL football season, with the defending super bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles taking on the champions from two seasons ago, the Atlanta Falcons.

College football began last weekend, so this means football is in full swing for this coming weekend.

I enjoy watching football, and prefer NFL over college as you really need to be dedicated to follow college football with the ever changing players and teams. With the NFL, you do have players changing teams from time to time, but the players are more stable and there are fewer teams overall, so it is easier to follow the season for me.

I always like to have a fantasy football team so that I have more motivation and reasons to watch some games. I generally play with a bunch of friends, and we have been playing against each other since 2002, so this is the 16th season of our completion. I generally do OK, but am not as dedicated as some of the other members, so I usually finish in the upper-middle part of the pack.

My team this year feels decent, so here’s to hoping for a good season:


Are you playing fantasy football this year? Do you prefer NFL or college football?

Appreciate you coming by!


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Good luck with your fantasy football team. I hope you got the players from your draft. Fly, Eagles 🦅 fly!

This Falcons vs Eagles is coming down to the wire...

Still i don't play football this year but enjoyed several amazing football matches. And your college football matches also very enjoyable. Hope your team will play better and entertain us. Thank you so much sir @brain.rrr for sharing about the NFL football tournament.

It's going to be an interesting season. You've got some good players in your lineup as well.

I don't really do fantasy football as I tend to get sucked into things like that and that's where all my time goes. Therefore, I tend to just watch games when I have time. Last year I didn't watch much. We'll see what happens this year.

Are you doing a big party or something to kick off the season?


I hear ya on the time thing. I don’t watch too many games but the ones I do watch I usually record and then fast forward all the commercials and half time 👍🏻 No special party but that is not a bad idea!


That's a good idea to record it and skip the commercials. You're a bit behind for most of the game, but if you time it correctly, you can finish the game at the same time as the live version. Then if there's a surprise at the end you still catch it live.

I live in Brazil and I don't even know what is a fantasy football team... :=(

Like the team, especially Keenan Allen. I have accrosss most of my leagues and teams. I believe with a healthy season, he will easily crack top-10 WR in a ppr league. Personally, I enjoy NFL and prefer it over college. I played collegiate football and I think as a result never really watched other games so never got really into Saturday college football games.

Your wife saved you the job and she did it very well so I think you have the perfect mjer at home that not only cares for the children but also knows how to fix things at home that is good is how we should be women

Congratulations to her, she did a great job

It's another exciting season and most people bet on the games too @brian.rrr

Great information . I am helpful this inform . Thanks for sharing @brian.rrr

football is a good game in the world.. but when i am not playing this game.but most of the time i am seeing this game of my tv channel..i pray to god your colleage football team playing very better and win this game.obviously its very exciting game and more enjoyable..thanks to sharing for your NFL football tournament team of luck for your team..good dear friend.. @brian.rrr

I always prefer college football

Soccer in all its presentations is great, The idea is to stay active and enjoy the passion that unites us. And beyond with the NFL.

Buena suerte mi bro, espero que te diviertas mucho, saludos.
Espero seguir contando con su apoyo en mi blog.

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Football lovers are so exited,football is most famous and papular game in the world,My favrite game is football,i m big fan of football game,Hopefully all matches are so interesting,Every player working so hard for his team and country,best of luck for your favrite team,thanks for sharing,

It's good that you get the sports emotion. The NFL is great.

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How in the world did you daft all those studs? What fantasy league is this and the bigger question is do u make any money? I can’t see how you would lose with this star-studded roster? Who is on your bench?

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