Why Lebron is not the best (at least in my opinion)

in sports •  5 months ago

So I wrote this title before he hit the game winner.... But still, I still believe it. Lebron is probably the most physically gifted player around, with his speed, height, power, and hops. He is almost unstoppable. That being said, I have not idea why he has to flop. If you don't believe me here is the proof.

They actually had a epidemic of high school kids doing the Lebron Flop
I will say we use to copy Jordan and Kobe's moves, and even duncan's kissing the glass. But if you are the best Lebron, why do you got to cheat. Instead of kids copying your basketball skills, they are copying your acting skills.
Man that was a great game winning shot tonight. To bad the water boy is a cheater.

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Is it his fault for flopping or the refs for rewarding him for it?


Sounds like a true american, don't take responsibility for ones actions and blame others.


Flopping has been going on for over 40 years that I have been watching the NBA. But only for the Marquee players: John Havelcheck, Moses Malone, Magic, Bird, etc. They have always got the calls against lesser known players.

I could not possibly agree with you more. We need to replace the word "flop" with "cheat" because that is exactly what he is doing. And then he cries when he doesn't get calls (even though his post move where he karate chops the defender EVERY time is an offensive foul EVERY time).

There have been several times that he has cheated and then winked at the camera. If that isn't showing a ref up, I don't know what is.

By far the most physically gifted player I have ever seen. It is despicable that even with that talent and the hard work he puts in, he still chooses to cheat. It is sickening.


Yep we are on the same page, and every time he drives to the hoop is a offensive foul or a travel. He literally tucks the ball like a running back, and stiff arms his way through the lane. Never a offensive foul for the king though.

It’s hard I do agree with you that he flops, but so many players do it in the NBA and also other sports. Just because he’s the greatest he gets the most attention. I’m not a specific Lebron fan even though it’s fun watching him absolutely dominate this era of basketball.

So I guess on the negative side he flops sometimes but all the postives around him completely out way that. Look what he’s doing with the 2018 Cavs it’s just ridiculous.


No, I totally agree that he is by far a great player, but I am just saying I liked watching Kobe and Jordan for the shear fact they did not want to be your friend, and they weren't playing for the cheap foul. They just brought it.


Yeah I loved watching Kobe man, guy was just an absolute warrior. I never played basketball but he was the main reason I started watching as a kid.

I think maybe not referees are softer then they were before too. I also think with all the social media how we see every play a million times and the last two minute rule where it shows how many mistakes the refs made is just bullshit. Let them play the game, refs are human too and make mistakes but when they put that much pressure on them I'm sure it doesn't make their job easier.


I would rather have a no call then a ticky tack foul any day. They are full grown men. They can take a hand check.

LeBron is great no doubt, but I still don’t consider him the GOAT.


Every time I write about him being a baby, he goes out and then scores like 40. I still agree, he could be the GOAT, so much talent, but he just has to whine and cheat. That was never the case with the others.

Ha ha, that's funny that high school kids are imitating his flops. That speaks volumes to his influence and the legacy he leaves behind. At least he's the greatest flopper there is! Congrats, Lebron.


Ya, when it was on the news a couple years ago, I could not stop laughing. Just so funny.

Sometimes I think Labron get confused and thinks he is playing soccer. He’s alwS been a bit of a baby. Maybe he should have played college, grow up a little before becoming a pro. No question though, the man is a beast in the court.


I do respect that the guy plays almost the whole game at a high level. Takes being in great shape.

I totally agree friend, and the most important of what you say is that the children are taking their tricks or let's say their traps as an example to follow, they believe that this is fine when it is not so.

Awosome post.......upvoted and followed

Everyone as his/her own bad side, but that doesn't take anything away from lebron's greatness.

Lebron just displayed his other side. Maybe he want to bring the cheating from soccer to basketball. Kids will always want to copy their role model and imitating his skills both good and bad

I'm agree with you, he is the most dominant player but if he needs all that show that makes rethink if is really the best.
Maybe he never wanted to be a basketball player, and his behavior is just to a Hollywood' headhunter notice hime.


You never know, look Obama is now a movie director. Maybe he can teach Lebron to start preparing for another career too.

That's part of the game @bigram13, get all these faults, I think it does very well, excellent strategy