33% of WINS

in sports •  6 months ago

21-8 That is my home teams record of the Diamondbacks. The best part of it all.... 7 of the 21 wins are against our rival the Dodgers. WIth only 1 loss on the year. 35326cf0d0246dbd2f0602be96812fa2.jpg Right now they are down 1 to 0 in the 6th but I hope they pull it off. Nothing like a 10 game lead on the runner up in the World Series last year. If they win today that will be 36.3 percent of the wins. I wonder if they can do math in California?

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It's kinda of funny. I get a few comp games from the Dodgers every year (and like sick seats) but I never get caught up in the standings. I rarely hear anyone talking about it. I feel like it's better for smaller market teams to win because the dodgers seem to make the same amount of money no matter if they are good or bad. Of course the extra playoff games pull in more revenue but I think small market teams winning is better for baseball. With the Dodgers payroll they should be better. They seem to have bought the wrong players lol.


Ya, smaller market teams have a way more die hard fan base, and I could really care less, but always fun to make fun of LA

😭😭😭... jk!! Only math number we care about is #1, which is where the dodgers will finish in the division... just like last year! 🤪


I would flag this comment if it wouldn't waste my voting power, and the dodgers will not win Division. I bet 5 steem!


Ok, I take that bet! Best of luck to you... you will need it! ⚾️⚾️

Bahahahahaha Maybe if they get far enough ahead they could just set the dodgers up in the hot tub next time they are in town instead of playing. It won’t matter anyway.


What you saying the dodgers are just going to win anyways....

Anything is possible my dear. It is just a game

i like sports. thank you @bigram13

We'll get to see quite soon

My favorite baseball teams are the Giants and whoever is playing the Dodgers.