Steem Fantasy Football - Week 10 Matchup Results - League 1

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Week 10

And just like that week 10 in the Steem Fantasy League is a wrap. The time is flying, and teams are running out of time if they intend to rack up some wins, and make it to the playoffs. Let's take a glimpse of where the league is, and see who is in the hunt for Steem Football glory.




Week 10 Results

Matchup 1

Lucksacks finally faced an opponent who did not put up max numbers. This will help him in his quest to go undefeated for rest of the season. Which is exactly what he will have to do if he wants to make the playoffs. As for Bacchist, I think he has officially phoned in the season, and is chilling on a beach somewhere.

Matchup 2

Smokin' Moons was able to sneak by with a victory this week, despite a dismal .30 points from star RB Devonte Freeman. On the flip side, had Pink Socks replaced the 0 points from WR Andre Holmes, he may have taken the W from this matchup.

Mactchup 3

Boom! The Potheads eeked by a win thanks to his kicker Greg Zuerlein who put up a smooth 17.60 points. The 20 points from rookie RB Christian McCaffrey helped quite a bit as well. Had BlitzRix made a last second RB change, he would have come away with the win. This was a close match that really could have gone either way.

Matchup 4

This was a massacre. Waffles-N-Syrup wiped the floor with the Kebab King. And when he was done, there was kebab, and tzatiki sauce everywhere. It was a painful outcome for the King. Leading the sear on the Kebabs was WR Robert Woods who put up a smashing 37.10 points for Waffles.

Matchup 5

In an extremely close matchup, The Cloud Crushers walked away with a win over Daut44. Cloud Crushers score was a bit lackluster this week, due in part to the 0 points from WR Bennie Fowler. However, Daut44 had numerous players with 0 points, so Cloud came away unscathed. On to next week for these two franchises.

Matchup 6

This was another massacre matchup. MissiontotheMoon had nearly all players in double figures in this 50 point blowout of his opponent. I think it is safe to say, Stargate Worlds may be calling it quits on the season. Lets see how he does next week.

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