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RE: I Don't Think Mayweather Would Throw The Fight (It's Possible, of course, but let me tell you why it's not likely) And I Still Think McGregor Will Lose

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Thanks! :) and Exactly, and Pacquiao is one of the best boxers of ALL TIME too! Mayweather has fought the fastest boxers and always came out on top; he's fought reach, size, speed, strength, and he always wins. McGregor will be HARD pressed to win this, imho. :)


Don't forget Pacquiao was well past his prime when he fought Mayweather, and was distracted by politics. In fact Mayweather wouldn't fight him in his (Pacquiao's) prime. This is the theme of Mayweather's career - everything has to be right for him. And this is partly why he'll beat McGregor.

Though I hope I'm wrong.

Very true that Pacquiao was past his prime! I was so bummed when he lost though. But very true, again, it's in his favor so I'd be surprised if he loses. But yeah, I'll definitely laugh if McGregor beats him and will start the meme onslaught that will go from the loss of the match until 2018.

Boxing fans around at the time still remember "no hoper" Lloyd Honeyghan beating the great Don Curry in 1986. Also few gave James Douglas any hope against Iron Mike Tyson.

So get those creative juices flowing just in case. By 2018 you could have 2000 followers!

Yeah, in a fight, the unexpected can always occur! :)