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Today, Chennai Super Kings and Royal Challengers Bangalore are facing one of the best matches of IPL. The two teams will face the home of Bangalore's home team at 8.30 pm.
Today, the match will depend a lot on the toss as the two teams will now play the game against New Delhi on the wicket today. And in the first innings in the first innings, it will be very slow, but in the second innings the batsmen will get help.
There will be no change in the Bangalore team today but if Tahir can come in the team for Chennai, then the billings or Duplessis will be excluded.
Bangalore wicket batting is helpful in this season so it is still expected to be flooded as the batting line-up is very strong in both the teams. Virat Kohli, who won the 100th match as the T 20 captain for now, is watching30784700_580413338982991_1645217777_n.jpg

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