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Playoffs have confirmed 4 teams. Let's not know which team will play against.
The first match of the Collyphire (1) will be drawn to table toppers Hyderabad and the table number 2 in Chennai, 22 May at the stadium in Mumbai, Wankh ...
Then, in the Elimenator match, Kolkata Knight Riders will play against Rajasthan, in the Eden Gardens of Kolkata, the match will start at 23.30pm and 8:30 pm.
Now, the Collegiher 1 team that will win will go straight to the final and the losing team will be playing with the winners from Eliminator. Which is the Qualifier 2, whoever wins here, they will play the final. The match will be in Edens Gardens ....
The final match will be held on 27th of the stadium at Wankh ...33035756_591916421166016_7499376742675513344_n.jpg

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