Arsene Wenger Confirms Resignation at the end of this season

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Arsene Wenger has confirmed he will step down as manager of Arsenal FC at the end of this season, the news came as a surprise though he still has a year left in his contract. The club has declared that they will announce a replacement soon.

Wenger became coach of Arsenal 1st October, 1996 and has been the longest serving manager.

Wenger started his coaching Career at Nancy (France) which resulted to dismissal in 1987, but he joined AS Monaco (France), where he won the league championship in 1988. In 1991, Wenger led Monaco to win the Coupe de France, but failure to regain the league title in later seasons resulted to mutual agreement and departure from the club in 1994. His next stop was the Japanese J.League side Nagoya Grampus Eight, where he won the Emperor's Cup and Japanese Super Cup during a short period.

In 1996, Wenger was named manager of Arsenal and during this period has won 3 premier leagues, and 7 FA cups. After many years many of trophy drought, he took Arsenal to the limelight by qualifying the club for the first Champions league. Outside the trophies Wenger groomed and developed a bunch of youthful players to professional standard, players such as Cesc Fabregas, Toure, Van Persie, Sebastian Larsson, Alex song, Walcott, Sagna, Ramsey, Samir Nasri, Jack Wilshere, Wojciech Szczesny and so many. He also contributed a huge part in Arsenal home stadium 'Emirates'.
Some players who served under him have been rumored to take over from him, which includes the likes of Thieryy Henry, Patrick Vieirie and also Carlo Ancelotti and Diego Simeone are all being mentioned as possible replacements. Arsenal is currently 6th on the premier league table and outside qualification numbers for Champions League. It will be a prefect goodbye if Wenger could win UEFA cup to put Arsenal in a qualification position for the Champions league. We wish him all the best, and wish him success in his future endeavors.

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Arsene Wenger.. that is enough, very long time.

After a long, impressive and inspiring career at arsenal, winning a lot of FA cups and a couple of league titles, coming close to winning the champions league a couple of times and a current impressive run in the Europa league, arsene Wenger is a really good manager, earning the love of the team and the fans as well. He will surely be missed and we hope his career continues to flourish.

It is always beautiful finding people who love and talk about sport in this way. You have gained a new follower!!!


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Wenger's resignation has left arsenal fans and players with great satisfaction and thus they are looking foward to the next coming seasons.

Growing up as a kid i always thought Arsene Wenger was the CEO of Arsenal. he's come a long way in taking charge of a great like arsenal. His works will not be forgotten in a hurry (year of the invicibles). He's set a tall mark which his predecessors will have to work extra hard to surpass. Stepping down of a legend, he'll be greatly missed in the footballing world. Merci

It is so intersting for me to see who will take mr. Arsene place, and how The Gunners run with new manager.
I hope the new manager come from ex Arsenal player like Patrick Viera, Thiery Henry or Dennis Bergkamp.

Excellent post. Arsene had a great career... Glad he finally let arsenal off his hooks.

it's time for arsene to step down,he gave the arsenal world recognition many titles and a football style,of course,we all remember the premier league 2003/2004 when they won unbeaten with henry as their striker with over 30 goals,the champions league final in 2006 when they lost against barcelona.
thanks to wenger arsenal built its own stadium with the money of sponsors and champions league,his style of possesion and attacking also gave the recognition as a top manager in the world
but lately his ideas were not working anymore and the things werent going the way he wanted,but one thing i'm sure that arsene wenger is a successful because remain in club over 20 yrs is a big achivement
we'll miss him

I will always wish Arsene good luck where ever he goes.

I could see two of the names you mentioned taking over for him. Henry and Simeone seem like the two most likely candidates to me. Simeone might be the most likely, I believe his time at Atletico is nearing an end.

About time. I respect everyone statements about praising Arsene. But through the years he just diminished the quality of the team.

Progressively, Arsenal lacked the courage and the ability to keep the team on the top. Even the way of playing is now horrendous.

When he arrived, he changed the team, making it a competitor for the premier league. But everything has an ending. And it is wise to recognize when your cycle ends.

He remained on the couch chair more than he deserved because the guy was an excellent manager in terms of finance. He plans the last seasons advising buying cheap players and selling at a high price.

And the owner, Stan Kroenke, who is the largest shareholder, was happy with him because the team was profiting. But what about the fans? They want to remain competitive and fight for not only the local titles but also for UEFA titles like the champions league.

Last year, he promised to step aside at the middle of the season to calm some fans that were claiming to having him sacked. And then he just stayed for one more disappointing year. Let's hope this time is for real. Football needs the Arsenal to come back and be again on the top.

for me i will say: Happy Independence to Arsenal. it is time to dream again as Wenger leaves.

after a long while a man of legacy has decided to step down for another...... nice post

I think this man deserves more respect from Arsenal Fans.

Nice post, Arsene is a true gent who deserves the respect of anyone who loves football. Arsene, if you are reading this (and I know you a big Steemian) please come to Southampton and make getting us promoted next season your finest achievement!

I also wrote a little post about Wenger, it's here if anybody is interested:


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