Rooney's Return

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Photo confirms Everton transfer

A photo which has just been leaked in the last 10 minutes confirms Wayne Rooney will return to his first club, Everton. After leaving Everton at the age of 18 for £27Million in 2004, Rooney has finally returned after spending 13 successful years with Manchester United.


In that time Rooney has went on to become United's top goalscorer ever, surpassing club greats like Bobby Charlton and Dennis Law. In that time he has won 5 premier league trophies, 4 league cups, 1 Champions league, 1 FA cup, 1 Club world cup and 5 charity shields. Last season though, Rooney only made 15 league starts for United which was a season low record for him.

Rooney has played 559 times for the Red Devils, scoring 253 goals and over 100 assists in that time putting him in a very elite group of only 3 players to have both scored and assisted over 100 goals. Can you guess who the other 2 players are?


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