2017 NFL Winner-Takes-All Picks: Final Results

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The regular season for the WTA ended with a really tough week for most contestants, but the regular-season champion has been crowned...almost!

As the NFL’s Week 17 usually goes, there were a lot of unexpected results for the final regular season match-ups. The game results proved to be tough to guess, as seen in the weekly results for the Winner-Takes-All contest. Nevertheless, a few of the top contestants were able to make another round of good picks and kept their season records impressive. This week came down to a six-way tie at a record of 4 – 1. Going to the tie-breaker for the Bengals-Ravens game that ended in a 31 – 27 Bengals victory, we ended up with the closest guess on points still falling 16 points short of the game total. Even though it wasn’t a close guess, the winner for the final week was one of the best pickers for the season: @sevinwilson!

Congratulations to @sevinwilson on the Week 17 victory and the outstanding season overall!

The winnings for this week’s contest and the season contest will be sent after last week’s post closes this weekend.

Here is the list of contestants who finished with 4 – 1 records for the week, with their points in parentheses. Please remember that all weekly records carry over for the season contest.

@sevinwilson (42)
@boatsports90 (39)
@jsock (38)
@marzi (32)
@neo-wiza (33)
@remedium (40)

Final Season Standings

These are the final standings for the regular season based on contestants who have participated in at least seven weeks. The top eight contestants that have participated in at least seven weeks have qualified for playoff spots. Since @boatsports90 has already qualified via his performance in the Steem Fantasy Football League, we added an eighth qualifier from the ninth position, which happened to be a tie with eighth place and that will consequently not require a tie-breaker.

ContestantRecordWin %
@chops31654 – 160.771
@steaknsteem27 – 80.771
@sevinwilson61 – 190.763
@unhorsepower77736 – 140.720
@boatsports9043 – 170.717
@andy2350 – 200.714
@lydon.sipe53 – 220.707
@mikeshuh60 – 250.706
@jsock60 – 250.706

The top three contestants are all winners of the season prizes. We ended with an absolute tie at the top in terms of win percentage. Since this is a “Winner-Takes-All” contest, I don’t feel right with letting a tie stand at the very top, but I did not specify a tie-break scenario at the outset of the season. However, my solution would be to give the season victory to @chops316 due to the number of weeks of participation and the overall number of correct picks (54 – 27), which is much harder to accomplish over the 14 weeks that they participated, versus the minimum of seven weeks by @steaknsteem.

I will defer to the contestants for this decision. Would you prefer to split the rewards between the two top contestants, or declare an outright winner based on the number of total wins? Please let me know in the comments for this post.

The season rewards will be split as follows and I will update the post with the totals after this weekend's payout for the final contest.

PlaceReward Percentage

Please watch for the playoff post later tonight for information about how and where to sign up!

Special thanks to @blocktrades for their continued support of these sports contests!

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Thanks for hosting these awesome contests! My vote is to give the first place award to @chops316 since he participated in twice as many weeks and has more overall wins!

Congrats on winning @chops316!!


I agree. That's double the weeks played with the same percentage correct! @chops316 should win


Thanks @hendrix22.


I also agree and say @chops316 should win. Congrats winners! And congrats to you sevin for this final week. Damn, I didn't realize I was so close, haha


Thanks @boatsports90.

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Thank you @sevinwilson.

Congrats winners!!
My Team mate IS The winner!!
Congratulations @chops316!


Thanks @davor27.

Thanks for NFL update.

@ats-david, when will start next game schedule?
Congrats to the winners of NFL series.

I am commented your post first time and folllow you.because your post is interested

thanks for shereing with us @ats-david

Wow d lucky winner will emerge

Wish I knew something about football! Maybe it's best not to, in these cases though. LOL!

Hey @ats-david, whatever you decide is fine by me. Your contest, your call. I could have avoided this by not having such a lousy final week.

Happy new year! Great work, nice contest!

I saw your name on @crowdfundedwhale, can you help me if you know personally @cryptos, because he didnt online for many days, thank you!

Congrats to the winners! Plus thanks for hosting it!

Thanks for running the competition. I sadly missed the last round I think thanks to being on holidays and not checking my feed 2-3 times a day. Not that I was in the running for top 3. Was great fun and I look forward to next seasons comp.