need your support for soccer practice in valencia, spayol

in sports •  2 years ago 

Asnawir or more known (nawir dts) PSSI has called 1. The young footballer is gifted to several European countries, including Spain.

Interestingly, one player this one gained knowledge in the club La Liga and also a famous academy in Spain. There are even players who reap the praise of the Spanish public sphere.

nawir dts following the selection of the second Indonesian national team. Samuel entered in a player who was called home from abroad from PSSI.

The birth of aceh north (tepin punti) 25 June 1995 was also familiar with the Indonesian national team. The footballing player from SSB Jakarta Football Academy has trained at English club Southampton in 2012 when he was 12 years old.

Had participated in the selection of U-19 national team under the tutelage of Eduard Tjong, Samuel now studying in Spain. In the Land of the Matador, Samuel had the opportunity to practice at the Royal European Football Academy (REFA) located in Valencia.

Talent continues to be monitored PSSI, until now he along with 11 other players get a selection of opportunities in Indonesia U-19 national team.


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