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The Asian Games is a multi-sport event, Asia's biggest event was held once every four years. The year 2018 respectably Indonesia successfully elected for the second time as host of the Asian Games and it is appropriate that the people of Indonesia felt proud and raiseth the spirit they, remember how great the Asian games event. Indonesia's first time to host the Asian Games in the year 1962 accounting for 17 years after independence, this big step boldly taken by President Sukarno, with the main objective to introduce to all parts of Indonesia of the country and strengthen the influence of Indonesia in the international world.

Slightly discusses the groundbreaking process of Indonesia until the selected host, it turns out that the process is quite long and winding. At first Hanoi, Vietnam has been selected to host the Asian Games in 2019, however, they resigned due to cost constraints. After Vietnam resigned, selected three candidates that best allows the host i.e. Indonesia, China and the United Arab Emirates. After going through some process of selection then the Olympic Council of Asia or The Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) pointed to Indonesia as the host held in two cities, Jakarta and Palembang main host as the host of supporters, Jakarta Palembang was chosen because both cities have been equipped by means of sports, transportation networks and other facilities that are capable of. Then why this time the Asian Games held in 2018? Isn't it supposed to be the year 2019? It turns out that this is because it will be holding presidential elections in the year 2019, then Indonesia asks for appeal to the Olympic Council of Asia in order to make the 2003 Asian Games accelerated in the year 2018 and that her appeal is accepted and can be realized.

Indonesian people should be proper proud and happy Indonesia to host the 2018 Asian Games since the event will be a great opportunity for Indonesia to be freer and introduce the uniqueness and characteristic of Indonesia to countries outside that will not be found in other countries. In accordance with the motto carried i.e. "Energy of Asia" where Indonesia will introduce the rich natural, cultural richness and wealth of the indigenous Indonesians. Indonesia as a country mega biodiversity which has a diversity of species and varieties, germplasm that is still surviving, it makes me and the people of Indonesia must participate in the Asian games though not in sports pageant must maintain abundant wealth that belongs to Indonesia.

The new identity of the 2018 Asian Games motto has also been seen with his chosen mascot depicting three animals typical of Indonesia, namely, the Bhin Bhin is the name of the bird which came from the east part of Indonesia, Atung which is the name of a deer Bawean is derived from the central part of Indonesia, and Ika which the name of the one-horned Rhinoceros comes from the western part of Indonesia. The third of these animals respectively reflecting a mix that must be owned by the Indonesian athletes namely strategy, speed, and strength. Indirectly mascot reflects indonesia's slogan "Bhinneka Tunggal Ika" which means different but still one where also the diversity of language, culture, religion, customs and races are there in Indonesia when it made one then it will produce the great powers that can be significant in the world.


A moment of greatness in an Asian Games IV 1962 i.e. Indonesia ranked second with grabbed 11 gold medals and also left the results of his splendor as host be Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) that to this day still stand fast. History of the greatness that was the inspiration for Indonesia to return to free Asian Games this time in the hope that Indonesia would print more achievements in the sport at this time.

To run it successfully 2018 Asian games followed by 45 countries, featuring as many as 484 events in 42 sports, then the Indonesian Government has allocated a budget of Rp 3 trillion. These costs are allocated to various purposes such as Asian games preparation the renovation of the sports arena, in Palembang have already undertaken the renovation of some of the facilities in the complex of Jakabaring Sport City including improved capacity Gelora Sriwijaya from 36,000 seats be 60,000 seats and they will also extend the Lakes Geographically be 2,300 metres. Then the making of the athletes village have satisfied even exceed International Olympic Committee standards which require that host the Olympics provides for 14,000 athletes, and it turns out that currently, Jakarta is already providing 7.424 apartments with a total of 22.272 accommodation plus the townships of athletes in Palembang that will accommodate up to 3.000 athletes, then for transport is done by accelerating the construction of the MRT Jakarta and Palembang that will improve its transport facilities by building the monorail with a length of 25 km from the international airport of Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II to Jakabaring Sport City and some other transportation facilities such as the Flyover, Underpass and overpass Bridges that were built, as well as the purposes of the preparation of the others.

Various preparations have been labored as best they can, of course, be a benchmark for the Government nor the people of Indonesia to put a target on the achievements that will be achieved in the event. Indonesia is represented by the Minister of youth and sports (Affairs) target i.e., Indonesia at least can occupy top 10 klansmen by grabbing 20 gold medals and there are an estimated 16 sport has the potential to contribute the gold medal in the games as sport rock climbing, badminton, martial arts, rowing, archery, athletics, and bridge are expected to pocket the gold.

Through the support together nothing is impossible for us to accomplish in this sport, of course we should never achieved the support with concrete action to become citizens who are orderly, sportsmanship and humble though it would later get the results does not meet the expectations. Then with liberty as always keeping cultural heritage, maintaining an attitude of tolerance that should've been ingrained in every people of Indonesia because, Bhinneka Tunggal Ika slogan is not merely to be exhibited in the walls school but infused and realized by real action because key in the liberty of this country is freeing yourself a good independent in your attitude, your conduct or achievement.

Through this article I would convey to represent the entire Indonesian people how proud I was born as an Indonesian child, a country that could become independent with the hard work and feel proud also with Indonesia to host for the second time in an Asian Games because it is Indonesia capable i.e., capable of being the venue for the biggest Asian event , Indonesia was able to be its natural wealth, the wealth of the language, the richness of the indigenous that will make the whole world's eyes was struck which will bring those foreign countries that Indonesia is only limited to the Bali and Jakarta, Indonesia, able to deal with various differences because he is familiar to one diversity and Indonesia will be able to give birth to the son of the nation's top achievers in a variety of fields including sports. Through this article I would like to hope that indonesia can build a university sport that can accommodate the interests and talents of the child, so that the output of the University will produce a lot of athletes are able to compete in the international arena.

To the pride of Indonesian athletes will scent the name of this nation through the 2018 Asian Games event, fight with sincerely heart, compete as strong as steel, guys your hard work will not be useless because it is the value of worship and an embodiment of love of the homeland. We the people of indonesia always supports in many ways although not directly witnessed falls. Support the joint 2018 Asian Games.

Indonesian team Merdeka!

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