who will attack with Messi in the world cup...!!!

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  • Argentina will be reported not long after the World Cup group.

  • Dybala and Higuain in the group are certain.

  • Is probably going to not have Icardi.

The World Cup isn't left for one and a half months. Argentina mentor occupied to choose who is on the group and who isn't there. In any case, there is no conclusion to the enthusiasts of Argentine supporters. Contemplate the assault. Will's identity with Lionel Messi in the assault, regardless of whether Dibla will be in the group, the inquiries are returning? Since Juventus has not been in the Forward's squad, the buzz has risen.

Notwithstanding, the Argentine press reports that the mentor Jorge Sampauli has affirmed two things. One. Juventus' Paolo Dybala and Gonzalo Higuain are in the World Cup squad. Two Inter Milan striker Mauro Icardi isn't set up. Sampauli has demonstrated the time or the three Argentina mentor now visiting Europe right now to manufacture a World Cup in Russia.

TYC Sports reports, there is no uncertainty about the place in Divala World Cup. There will be Hughien. With Icardi is certain. Sampauli said because of the nonattendance of Icardi, his development did not coordinate the group with others. Among the individuals who are playing in Europe, Higuain and Sergio Aguero are the strikers and Argentina mentor.


This is one of the promising team on world cup 2018. But sampauli should keep on his head to create his squad to win.

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