Real is trying to buy Neymar......

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Neymar with PSG teammate Marko Veretti In the French Cup final tomorrow. Photo: AFP

In February, Neymar broke his leg bone in March against Marshy. That is most likely his last counterpart for PSG, at any rate, Spanish media thinks so. AS has announced that PSG has set a cost of 26 million euros for the whole deal procedure of Neymar. The Spanish TV demonstrates 'El Chiringuito' with football uncovered the primary news.

Neymar has played the last match in PSG!

Neymar has broken the bone of the foot in February against Marchee. That was his last counterpart for PSG-in any event Spanish media thinks so. AS has revealed that PSG has set a cost of 26 million euros for the whole deal procedure of Neymar. The Spanish TV indicates 'El Chiringuito' with football and told the news.

As indicated by the 'AS' report, 17-year-old Brazilian forward Vinceias Junior was on a visit to Rio de Janeiro the previous evening to meet Neymar. The agreement will be successful even after Real's buy a year ago, Venecius is 18 years of age. Neymar's 'Selfie' viral with Vientiane in that gathering is in online networking. It ends up being an inverted side without a doubt.

The Spanish news organization announced that Neymar had sent Real Viêncio as 'Châr' to Neymar. 'Two folks know each other well' - this was the Spanish club's desire. Be that as it may, Real and Neymar's own associates read out their photos in the wake of being distributed in online networking. There was no other route than to state that 'this is only a benevolent gathering'.

That is not the primary contact with Neymar since March a year ago. Amid the recovery procedure toward the finish of the foot surgery, Real has spoken with him afresh. 'AS' has said that behind Real Madrid's endeavors, Neymar's club enthusiasm for Florentino Perez's uncommon intrigue Perez is attempting to purchase Neymar right around 10 years back. Neymar has polished two weeks consecutively with Real-Time group. To the detriment of 60 thousand euros, Neymar was near purchasing Real.

After five years when Neymar turned into a Santos star, he lost to Barcelona in the battle to get him Real. From that point forward, the Brazilian forward went ahead to compose the World Record (22 billion yuan euro) in the PSG in PSG. Perez trusts that he will have the capacity to play Neymar in the third endeavor. Since, in the European press, Nike has not possessed the capacity to adjust to Paris. He is urgent to come back to Spain. Brazil's incredible forward Ronaldo has likewise disclosed Neymar to join Real.

Neymar came back to Paris last Friday. His club has officially affirmed that there is no plausibility of Neymar playing in this season. The PSG star is presently bustlingly attempting to get fit in the World Cup. 'AS' said Neymar's refueling procedure still remains an awesome method to complete the procedure. On the off chance that this lone relies upon Neymar and Real, at that point, the match against the Marseille will be the PSG's keep going match-analysis on the Brazilian star Spanish media.


I want to see him in real madrid ,personaly.

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At this time, neymar is hot cake on football transfer market...

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neymar is a posterboy of brazil football team.

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