Neymar took money two years ago to join Barcelona....

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Before going into this match Neymar took money from Barcelona.

Neymar's Barcelona area has finished for very nearly a year. Be that as it may, there is no probability of diminishing Barcelona's open deliberation with him. Santos' previous president Luis Oliveiro has kicked the bucket in 2016. In any case, Oliveiro has left a note about Neymar's difference in life before he passes on. It is composed in 2011 that Neymar took 10 million euros from Barcelona!

Neymar's association in Barcelona is as yet misty. Albeit at first answered to be 57.1 million, it ended up being to be false in the examinations of the Spanish expense expert. Barcelona contracted with Neymar's dad furtively without dealing with Santos. Santos likewise griped to FIFA. He was additionally not happy with the charge of Oliveiro, it is comprehended that in the toxic substance of Neymar and his dad before the passing.

In 2011, Real Madrid needed to hold contracts for the buy of Real Madrid Real Madrid For this, Oliveriro undermined to gripe to FIFA. Afterward, toward the finish of the year, Santos went to Japan to play the World Cup, Barcelona, the adversary was in Barcelona. Oliveiro said in his note that Neymar and his dad marked a mystery manage Barcelona six days before the match on December 18, "Neymar's folks took cash from Barcelona before the last of the World Cup, however Santos and I have never been educated about the giving" It is realized that keeping in mind the end goal to move to Barcelona, ​10 million euros were given before IMEMAR

In the last, Santos lost to Barcelona 4-0. Oliveira's upheaval, Neymar did not play the match with consideration, 'Santos played the last with a player who had officially taken cash from the adversary. It has influenced Neymar's diversion in that match. His playing for Santos has influenced the various matches. The players who jumped at the chance to spill the rival, the player was enamored with taking off. I have just enlightened the media regarding this and unfortunately, this is the reality. '

Neymar's responsibility regarding Santos will be until the 2014 World Cup. Be that as it may, on November 27, 2013, the Brazilian forward declared to join Barcelona. Despite the fact that numerous have thought of 88.1 million euros, the quantity of cash paid to Neymar and his dad is expanding without fail, it doesn't appear to realize that the correct data will never be known again!


there have many controvercy about neymar & Fcb. but they should mutual this things.

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Finally, they should had follow the rules of team exchange.

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