Neymar is not yet fully fit......

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Neymar is returning to the normal game.

Neymar Jr. is the name of seek after Brazil's Hexa win. Be that as it may, before the World Cup, the damage made him miss the World Cup. Be that as it may, Neymar has come back to preparing at the appropriate time. In the preparation camp in Brazil. In any case, the Brazilian star claims, he isn't yet completely sound.

Brazil group preparing in full Rio Apart from Marcelo, Cassemiro, and Ferimino, everybody is in preparing. There, he stated, 'I am not 100 percent sound, regardless I have issues in moving a few aptitudes. There is some inconvenience to play. '

Neymar was harmed in an association coordinate against Marseille in February. Brazil invested the greater part of the energy in the restoration procedure After investing some time in PSG in France, 'I am physically sound, I have no issue. My legs are great. I need to change in accordance with the aptitude move, torment isn't a major thing. I will play the World Cup, the fantasy of the World Cup isn't done. '

Brazil will confront universal neighborly against Croatia on June 3 Brazilian doctor Rodrigo Lamar stated, "Neymar was exceptionally ordinary in the primary week, he would be in the field from the main match."


I hope Neymar is up to par to play in the world cup it would be a shame if he misses it, the world cup is suppose to house the best players in the world it wouldn't be the same without him

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