Messi Ronaldo is full 1000 goals...!!!

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Being one of the best dualities of all time, the milestone of 1 thousand goals has passed.

Not simply Barcelona-Real match; Lionel Messi versus Cristiano Ronaldo Doubles Here is the outcome 1-1 Ronaldo scored the objective previously. After the objective of Suarez, the group offered uniformity to correspondence. In the second half, Ronaldo left the field with Messi. In any case, Messi needed to run twice in the second half with a group of 10 individuals.

Not only here; There are two more matches. Ronaldo took care of business the ball before the goalkeeper and hit the ball. Made a similar trumpet Messi also. One shot from Ronaldo left the correct post. Messi likewise left a shot abandoned the post.

Thusly, them two were entwined! It may not be conceivable. Notwithstanding, the team's two sets of matches started a breakthrough of 1 thousand. Messi scored 551 objectives in Barcelona's shirt. Ronaldo showed up seriously. It's brimming with 1 thousand objectives.

Messi's vocation begun in Barcelona in 2004. Also, Ronaldo joined Rialay in 2009. Simply after Ronaldo landed in the Rialale did the twosome of them two get settled appropriately. Amid this time Messi scored 471 objectives in 474 matches, scored 176 objectives. What's more, Ronaldo scored 449 objectives in 436 matches. 119 made Ronaldo proceeded in the match to some degree. Messi is ahead, however. Ronaldo is driving the cap His cap trap without a doubt, 44 and Messi's cap trap, 39. Amid this time, Ronaldo took 79 punishments, with 13 objectives in every one of the squares. What's more, Messi has taken 56 punishments, missed 18 of them.

Messi has won 24 titles as of now since 2009. Ronaldo won 15 titles no doubt. Amid his own accomplishment, Messi won 5 Ballon d'Or, Ronaldo won the Rial by four. Messi has won the European Golden Boot four times, Ronaldo won three times this time. Amid this time, the 2016 Euro Championship was won by Ronaldo for the national group.


Cristiano Ronaldo(cr7) is the best player in gootball wotld in recent time..he beahave like a beast.. he his very skillfull & strong player.

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Leonel Messi is a greate player in the world. that's why everyone called him Alien.

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