Sarri is not happy when Willian is late

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New Chelsea boss wants to talk to Brazilian student, in the context of he is a large club attracted.

Willian did not meet on time, as required by the Chelsea manager, after the end of the summer vacation. According to the Goal , Brazilian winger has problems in obtaining a visa to stay in England so can not return to the headquarters of the club in London.

Still, it still rages on Maurizio Sarri. "I want to talk to him before giving any information, I'm not happy with the situation, but before I know it, I want to meet Willian directly.


Newspaper The Telegraph said the leaders agreed to Willian Chelsea focused late, but at the latest by Friday (27/7 days). However, after four days, former player Shakhtar Donetsk has not yet presented.

The 29-year-old is believed to be the target of Barca, Real Madrid and Man Utd. The Catalans are the most passionate of the three when asked to buy Willian. Barca final offer is $ 85 million but still rejected.

"Reds" are also waiting for Willian to take Old Trafford. Telegraph revealed that Jose Mourinho could use Anthony Martial as a scapegoat in exchange for his former student.

In addition to Willian, Chelsea is precarious with the future two pillars are Eden Hazard and Thibaut Courtois. The Belgian pair are linked by Real. Courtois even issued an ultimatum that if the club did not let him go in 2018, he would not sign a new contract and leave Chelsea in 2019.

"I do not know how things are going, I need to meet them next Saturday to clarify the matter, we're talking about the top stars, every team wants to keep those people, including Chelsea, "Sarri answered when asked about the future of Willian, Hazard and Courtois.

**image source : Reuters**


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