Martial countered Mourinho: 'Family is more important than Man Utd'

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When criticized for lack of professionalism, Anthony Martial used his family as a reason to explain.

"Sorry, but family is above all. Tomorrow, I will return to Manchester. Thank you for your message. My little swan is fine. His mother is weaker, but thank God, she is recovering, "Martial wrote on Twitter today.

With the permission of coach Jose Mourinho, Martial from America returned to Europe last week to pick up his daughter was born. But the French striker does not return immediately but continues to stay with his family.

Due to the act of neglecting the team, Martial is facing a wave of criticism. Mourinho did not hesitate to question when interviewed on Man Utd: "Anthony Martial has a baby and after the baby is born, thank God for the beautiful and healthy baby, he should be here. But he's not back yet. "

After Man Utd beat Real 2-1 in their last US friendly on July 31, Mourinho even said he was not sure if Martial would return to Man Utd. Besides the criticism, the French striker also faces fines from the club. He could be paid a week's salary of $ 236,000.

According to Goal , with the new rift, Martial is likely to bid farewell to Man Utd this summer. Some clubs are ready to welcome the 22-year-old striker with a $ 60 million transfer fee.

**image source : Reuters**


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