Chelsea lost to Monaco in the Golovin deal

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The Russian star chose Monaco as a destination for more time.

Monaco will spend about $ 35 million on transfer fees to CSKA Moscow, Aleksandr Golovin 's club . CSKA will also receive a future transfer fee, unreleased, if the Ligue 1 team sells the 22-year-old midfielder. Golovin is scheduled to launch in Monaco on July 27.

Golovin went to Chelsea, club billionaire Roman Abramovich. But the fact that the London club bought another midfielder, Jorginho, raises concerns about his chances, and Golovin decides to go to Monaco to get more.

Golovin has a successful World Cup, where Russia reached the quarterfinals and only lost Croatia on the dots 11m. The 22-year-old midfielder plays a pivotal role with many goals and goals.


Monaco has been one of the places where many world-class players have taken off in the past four seasons. The national team can help Golovin accumulate more experience on the road to greater success.

"In my opinion, Golovin can play for any of the top clubs in the world," said Vadim Vasilyev, vice-president of Monaco. But it will take longer because he is in transition. Monaco could be the pedal for him. Look at the former Monaco players playing for the top clubs now. "

Meanwhile, with Chelsea, the purchase of Golovin shortage can force new coach Maurizio Sarri take more time for the transfer market. Stamford Bridge owners still need to strengthen midfield despite the presence of Brazilian rookie Jorginho.

**image source : Reuters**


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Monaco looks genius...

Selling Bakayoko to Chelsea for 40m and now stealing Golovin from Chelsea? Masterclass from Monaco

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Issues with chelsea the club owner not interested in loosing the cup holder to any club, hence his attitude to buy players and change coach at will.

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