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Many people are asking when will the NBA start and what will happen with the previous season? are they going to continue the 2019-2020 season? or are they going to start a new season and 2019-2020 will be ignored? There are really a lot of question spinning around and we dont have a definite answer yet because of the crisis we are facing right now which is the coronavirus. We are all affected with this pandemic and all the economy are down.

On the other hand, the NBA postponed the NBA draft which was scheduled on May 1 at Chicago. The NBA board of governors were having some discussion about the 2020-21 NBA season by moving it on December. The NBA is in hiatus since March 11 when Rudy Gobert was tested positive for Covid-19. They said that this will last for around 30 days but I think 30 days is not enough from what the status we are seeing right now. Some of the countries are practicing lockdown right now in order to fight and isolate this virus.

Many games were suspended and postponed due to this pandemic. The Olympics was also scheduled to be move on July, not just the olympics but some games are postponed like Boston Marathon, Invictus Games, London Marathon and more.

Lets just hope and pray that this will end and we could live our life the way it used to be.