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With the advancement of human civilization, people's busyness has increased. People are always tired of their quality of life to improve. Continuing to run on more success The sport brings a little break in the person's life. This sport teaches people struggling with life for some time to enjoy life. Sports plays an important role in the physical and mental development of the people. Sports on the one hand, the strength and courage of the people, on the other hand it is the source of motivation. Regular and moderate sports make people healthier. From the win of the game, people learn to accept life's victories and defeats easily.
The emergence and development of sports: Sports has emerged since the beginning of civilization and gradually it develops, yet it is still doing. Many people think that the first game started in ancient Mesopotamia, which is 4000 BC before the year of Iraq. And that is the wrestling game. At the same time, sports like boxing, aussi and a race were also born. Hunting was prevalent as a game in Egypt in the year 300 BC. In ancient Rome, competition was held in about 250 BC. However, the beginning of the ancient Greece Olympics in 776 BC is one of the most important and notable events in the history of sports. The Olympics is still the newest name in the world's biggest sports event. Now there are different types of sports around the world. Polo, skating, swimming, tennis, table tennis, badminton, cricket, soccer, hockey, basketball, rugby, handball and various sports are born in different countries.
Entertainment as a sport: From earlier times Sports has been recognized as the perfect medium of entertainment. Although presently thousands of entertainment materials have been created, the application of the game has not diminished. Every play should be fun entertainment. Sport gives pleasure to the people, makes them excited. Sport is a great way to express our emotions. This sport never laughs at people and sometimes shakes The utility of entertainment is such that people travel far and wide to see the game outside the country. So undoubtedly the game is a clear entertainment source.
Sports requirements: The game that not only entertains us, but it also has a far-reaching effect from our personal life to the national life. Through sports, the mental development of a child accelerates, socialization is consolidated. Sport in personal life makes people honest, courageous, self-confident, industrious, diligent. Again, in sports in the national life, the unity, solidarity, patriotism, and nationalism of the people prevail. So there is no way to deny the necessity of sports. Sport plays an important role in creating world brotherhood. Introduces Inter-country Relations Sport play an important role in building friendship, trust, cooperation and trust relationships between different countries.
Sport Development: The role of sports in the development of the child is very helpful and spontaneous. The game has a positive impact on the child's mind. As a result the children grew up positively. The children who grow up in a pleasant environment as a result of sports make him lively, vivacious, joyful. As a result, mental development of the child is easy and smooth. There is no complexity in the baby's mind. When the child is in a sport, he shares his play with his partner and expresses his feelings. Through this, child socialization happens. Various scientific studies also show that all children who refrain from sport, their mental development from other children are more interrupted.


And how old are you?


Cool, what's your favorite sport?

cricket and football

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Swimming and basketball do you like cheese??

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