Real Madrid came back from 1 down to 2-1

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UEFA Champions League

Final Score

Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid

1 - 2

  • Bayern Munich shocked Real Madrid by scoring the first goal of the match .

  • Real Madrid came back strong and scored .

  • Match ended with the score of Bayern Munich 1- 2 Real Madrid..

  • Goal Scorers of the Match between Bayern Munich and Real Madrid.

1 . Joshua Kimmick 27'

2 . Marcelo Viera 43'

3 . Marco ASensio 56'

  • It will be very tough for Bayern Munich to defeat Real Madrid in the second leg as Bayern Munich got to worry about several injuries it's players sustained.

Let me know in the comment section , who will qualify for the finals , Real Madrid or Bayern Munich ?

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I thought as much. Real for the win. Its probably going to be a 3-0 win for Real madrid in Spain from where they'll go on to play against Liverpool in the finals

So no chance for Bayern ?

I dont think so

you were right !

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Lets go el Real

Lets go

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Real will sure matter what happens. They are the team, who can give their best on the big platform. So, i beleive they will be their.

Yeah they got the away goal advantage and goal advantage too .

Real Madrid is great.. 😍😍


El Real Madrid sin dudas. El Bayern con sus lesiones y su estilo de juego mediocre ante el Real no tiene posibilidades. El futbol puede sorprender, no obstante, es poco probable.

I understood everything you said .

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