Easy three points for Manchester City

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English Premier League

Mancity vs Brighton



Mancity vs Brighton

Final score of the match between teams Mancity vs Brighton

Manchester city vs Brighton FC

3 - 1

  • Manchester city won the match with the final score of 3 goals to 1 . Both teams scored two goals but Manchester City end up scoring two more goals than Brighton FC to claim all the three points from the match .

  • Goal Scorers of the Match between Manchester city and Brighton football club.

1 .Danilo 16th minute for Manchester City .

2 . Leonardo Ulloa 20th minute for Brighton Football Club .

3 . Bernardo Silva 34th minute for Manchester City .

4 . Fernandiniho 72th minute for Manchester City .

  • Danilo scored the first goal of the match between Manchester city and Brighton FC .

  • Danilo scored for Manchester City after a very long time.

  • Brighton FC didn't give up and came back quick with a goal just four minutes after Danilo scored .

  • Leonardo Ulloa was the only goal scorer for Brighton football club .

  • An easy three points for Manchester City.

Let me know in the comment section , will Manchester City win English Premier League again in next season of EPL ?

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Good way to finish the league.


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