The UEFA champions league quarter-finals

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The UEFA champions league quarter-finals have surely dished out some wonderful moments and some emotional hard fought come backs. The most talked about games both involved Spanish vs Italian sides. 

With Barcelona leading Roma 4-1 and having a smooth comprehensive win over Roma in the first leg of the quarter- final . No one would have given Roma a change to let alone win but score 3 goals against arguably one of the best club sides in the world . Roma started the game with a bang. Dzeko opened the scoring in the sixth minute. 

The first half Roma were all over Barcelona missing sevral changes. Barcelona however held on to only being 1 goal deficit going into the half time interval. That this stage Barcelona must have been still the favorites to go to the semi's . They were holding a two-goal advantage.

Barcelona was left wanting as Roma picked up where they left off in the first half. De Rossi who scored an own goal in the first leg was called up to take a penalty. He score an important penalty in the 58 minute. Leaving the host just one goal away to the semi-final. When Kostas Manolas scored a header with 9 minutes to go it seemed like the headlines was already written.

Barcelona gave everything they had in the closing minutes of the game. Perhaps to little to late. Both Messi and Roberto must have hoo the chances they missed . 

Congratulations to Roma .Thanks for entertaining us to a wonderful game.

The game between Real Madrid and Juventus might not have had the same outcome for the Italian sides. But it was a wonderful game to see.

Their must have been not a lot of people that would have given Juventus a change . In fact, no team in the history of the UEFA ever has lost 3-0 in the first leg and gone on to wipe of the deficit in the second leg. 

Like Roma ,Juventus need to start of well and they did just that . Mandzukis scored in the 2nd minute . The doubled is telly in the 37th minute with another header. With only one goal behind at the interval , all football lovers must have been licking their fingers to see the second half. 

 A 60th minute mistake by Navas in the goals, gave Matuidi the 3rd goal.It was all equal. It seemed like the Real Madrid players were overwhelmed. New history was being written. NO SPANISH SIDE IN THE SEMI-FINAL OF THE UEFA, something never heard off.

Then all the Drama. Medhi Benatia's was judged to have push Vazques and the referee Michael Oliver pointed to the spot. Was it really a penalty? I would differ and I am a Real Madrid supporter. to make things even worst Buffon, playing in his last game, was shown a red card for dissent after reacting to the penalty decision.

With only seconds to go and a goalkeeper from the branch . It was clear that Ronaldo would score the penalty. 

Congratulations this time to the losing side Juventus. As for the winning side enjoy the luck.

Now their will be only 4 





 Well for now we are all waiting for the draw on Friday , to see who will be playing against each other in the Semi-final.

Now for my question to all steem-mate . Who will win the Final.

My chooses are of course Liverpool and then Real Madrid

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