Professional football player of the years award

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Sunday night was the outcome of the Professional football player of the years award. The winner was Mohamed Salah of Liverpool . He is the first Egyptian ever to win this award .He was awarded this prestigious award for his 31 premier league goals and a staggering 41 goal in all competitions the season. He has equaled the clubs record of 31 goals in the premier league, with Luis Suarez and with another 4 matches to play he might just hold this club record all on his own. He is also in line with overcoming Rush's 47 goals in all competitions . he might also over hall Andy Cole and Allen Shearers 34 goal record of the all time goals scored in one season of the premier league.

He walked in last night beating Kevin de Bruyne, Harry Kane, Leroy Sane, David Silva and David de Gea in the vote by his fellow players. Sane of Manchester City won the young pLiverpool boss Jurgen Klopp said he was "happy to have the opportunity" of being Salah's manager and added it was an "unbelievable honour" to win the award.

Klopp his Liverpool manager said. "It's been a fantastic ride but we still have games to go," But please grab the trophy and come home. We play on Tuesday!" he also added " he was happy to have the opportunity" of being Salah's manager and added it was an "unbelievable honour."
Alan Shearerhad the following to say. "Everything he touches seems to go in the back of the net and he is having one of those seasons where you go out on the pitch not hoping you are going to score, but knowing you will. As a striker, I know that it is a great feeling to have."

Many believe that the award could have went to Kevin de Bruyne. His coach Pep has said that the award should have went to de Bruyne as he was more consist that Salah. Well he has to say so .
However, when it came to the final vote count Mohamed Salah had 76% ,de Bryune 14% De Gea 6% and 3% to Kane. So not only I ,But a lot of people have choose Mohamed Salah .

So all my Congratulations of to Mohamed Salah ,keep going .

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Congratulations to the winner of the year Mohamed Salah also has good football from Egypt

Mohamed salah is like messi he is a small god.


No , for me he is not like Messi, I think he is much better . and .No he can never be a God . Their is only one God.

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He deserves it. He has been magnificent this season... I pray the good form continue even at world cup level

Voted! Thank You!