MBK Bangkok fight | 📦📦 THAI BOXING ! 📦📦

in sport •  28 days ago

Oh my!!! First time watching this Thai boxing. Yes! Really, like, first time ! It was pretty intense (very) and interesting to see. When one guy wasn’t really able to stand no more, I was like ‘Oh.. wanna cry..’ lolol. Well, such a great experience right there. I filmed the whole full fight to share with you all here. If you’re interested in this type of ART, this would totally be something that makes your day! (Well, I guess lol). Watching in the video and on here would never give you the same feeling but guys, this is aweeeeesome stillllllll! Enjoy! and please let me know what do you think after all :D

Lots of lots of love,
Mo ❤



㋡ Here's my main gears !


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damn I bet even the girls will beat the crap out of my ass!!! :D :D


They sure WILL!!! hahaha :D


dude I have no doubt! those girls are beasts!!!! :O


hahahah lolol


You have new follower @waybeyondpadthai

That was an AWESOME fight!

Maybe next year we will see YOU in the ring!? 👍😜

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