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Somebody the other day told me about some weird competitions so I decided to research and I can't believe what I found. The following are the weirdest I got, I seriously can't believe people actually do those. I ranked them based on how surprised I got...

10) Chess Boxing

image pic source

Just like it sounds, this competition alternates one round of chess and then one round of boxing, eleven rounds, six of chess and five of boxing to be specific. The first event was held in 2003 and apparently this sport is growing.
That's actually the only competition here, I think it's really cool and I would love to try one day. You'll know why is the only one after you are done reading...

9) Midget Tossing Contest

image pic source

We do live in a weird world. It started as a pub activity in Australia but now there are many different competitions of dwarf tossing, there is even one where people toss them across the path of oncoming trains...Crazy but true...

8) Toe Wrestling

image pic source

It is a thing in Northern England, there is a big event every summer. It's just like arm wrestling but with toes. It's not as easy as it sounds they need to keep their non-competing feet in the air with hands flat on the ground so it takes more than just brute power to win in this competition. Hygiene is a must so if you want to give it a try you don't have to worry about that. There is something else though, especially if you went up against champion Nasty Nash (the guy in the picture), I'll leave it to him:

My technique ... is to hurt the first person that comes into the ring with me; hurt them bad and terrify everyone else

I'll pass...

7) Headstand Beer Drinking

image pic source

“Wonder Week” is an annual sport event held in Czech Republic where a lot of crazy competitions take place. I love drinking beers but this headstand beer drinking contest is nuts please don't try it, it's a very bad idea.

6) Baby Crying Contest

image *pic source

In this 400 years old Japanese competition
sumo wrestlers try to make their assigned babies cry. They do it by making faces and noises, the first baby who cries is the winner. This tradition is believed to bring good health to the little ones.

Oh the Japanese...but hey I like it

5) Cricket Spitting

image pinterest

Not that much to say here but I'll tell you that the world record is 32 feet and 5 inches (9.766 m) and is held by Dan Capps, from Madison, Wisconsin. Do you think you can do better? Go ahead try...

Even though I was actually pretty good at spitting when I was a teenager, I'll pass again.

4) Bobbing for Pig's Feet

image pic source

It started in 1996 as a charity event but then it became a tradition of the Redneck Games in East Dublin, Georgia.

3) Air Sex

image pic source

Japan strikes again! A group of Japanese men started this in 2006 and all you gotta do is simulating sex with an invisible partner. It's a two minutes competition and contestants are judged for their foreplay, sexual energy and intercourse.

2) Baby Jumping

image pic source

In this crazy competition men dressed up like devils jump over a row of babies. It is known as El Salto del Colacho (the devil's jump) in Spain and it is said to cleanse the babies of original sin. Apparently no kid ever got hurt but why would you risk?

1) Extreme Ironing

image pic source

Founded in Leicester in 1997, the website of this insane competition sums it up as “the latest danger sport that combines the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt.” They do it everywhere, up in the air, while biking, on a mountain and as impossible as it might sound they did it underwater too.

Which one of these crazy competitions would you like to try?



Can I do tag team boxing/chess? I'll take the chess part if someone else will put on the gloves.

These are indeed weird. Those Japanese have quite overactive imaginations.

Lol, you can't.

Yeah they are very weird but I really love Japan.

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Awesome. Thank you

Super strange indeed. I will pass on all of these and will just keep steeming ok?! Congrats on being chosen by the @asapers! Have a fantastic day!

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OK, lol.

Thank you

Wow!! These are really weird. The air sex is definitely the most awkward. Like how funny would it be😂
The most disgusting is the pig's feet one.

Out of all, Extreme Ironing feels cool to me. I would love to try it some day.

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whaat, so strange, can't believe that babies are included in more than one of them!!

Yeah, crazy right

Where on earth did you find all these weird comeptitions?!!! And can you actually drink beer when you're doing a head stand?

Lol, I just googled 'crazy competitions'. Apparently you can 😂😂

Baby jumping has to be the craziest thing I have heard.

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