One of the Best Game have played “Score Hero”

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This game may not look really professional and fun to play with friends through multiplayers and the rest but believe me it is one of the most awesome football games.

Score Hero is a mobile created game with different levels of challenging contest and that the more reason I do like it, because of it level of challenges and other difficult task to win before moving to a new level, and the more reason I find the game really interesting is because each level, new challenges is required to pass and besides it not a game you can easily win because they are some goals you have to score with certain players or better still certain type of goals that you need to score at a particular level so that you can be rewarded with 3 stars and also pass the level with great achievement, and this really makes it more fun to play.

Also, unlike other football game, when you lose a match, you have lose some points or game life and when the game runs out you would need to start the level again but in Score Hero you can play that particular level again and again pending on range of your power life, and it feels really challenging to play such a game especially when you are learning some certain football related things such as football skills, name of goals like “score a volley from certain position” and so on and the most challenging part is giving a task to score a particular number of goal at a given time with a particular player, so you would have to be really tactical and cautious while you are playing.

Well, another thing I can say I like about the game is that you are playing against a team but the team is not challenging you or pressurizing you through scoring or possessions, so it a win, win game and you have nothing to lose, you play and finish the task and move to the next level and so on as the game goes on with more challenges and levels.

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