Future dream fights (Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua)

in #sport9 months ago

A battle of the big men

So for my second selection, its got to be , drum roll please......... Tyson Fury Vs. Anthony Joshua, a battle of the big men. We've already been blessed with the double Wilder vs Fury fights and now is the time, well it's actually long over due, but better late than never, for Joshua to step up and back up his claim as the best heavyweight in the world today.

To be honest I always thought this fight was tailor made for Fury as he excels against slow forward plodding fighters with very little to no head movement at all, and that's exactly what Joshua is. He's big (Joshua), very big, and strong, very strong and this is why he looks so impressive against smaller fighters, he is able to bully them and impose his own style and physical advantages on to his opponents, he is able to get in close enough to hit but keep far enough away so that he doesn't ship any punishment himself, but against fury he's meeting another big guy who won't be so easy to bully. The only thing that gave me pause was Joshua's considerable power, but with fury proving his chin in those two battles against Wilder, the man is now an even bigger favourite in my book.

This is a fight that should have happened years ago, but for some reason or other was never made, and even given everything that is going on at the minute it's actually looking more likely to happen than it ever has, let's hope that boxing politics don't get in the way of what could be a super fight.