Where you can watch Dakar Rally day seven review for free

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Hi, Steemers!

Two days ago I wrote that Peterhansel (Peugeot) has lead over Sainz sr something less then half an hour. I wrote also that it's nothing in the desert and one wrong turn can bury you in the sand for hours before service truck come and help you.

After my last post about Dakar, crews had a free day to rest a bit and then it started all over again. And guess what?! Peterhansel had a suspension problem and lost a lead to a Sainz sr. Half an hour is nothing in the desert. 

The results and the best moments you  can watch in the  video made by RedBull TV.

Day seven review

Credit for photo and video to Dakar Rally Facebook

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Grab a beer and enjoy!


I gave you some lovin How bout you give me some too?

i did with upvote :)

thank you :)

Dakar in sahra the morocco

great times ;)

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