Onboard rally video of the day - Ogier with M-Sport Ford at WRC Rally Australia

in #sport4 years ago

Hi, friends!

When you watch an onboard rally video, there is no better thing then to see driver and what he is doing as well the road in front of him. Some modern stuff and some drivers put their GoPro cameras on the windscreen and that way you can't see what is driver doing, only the road in front of him. I don't like that style of filming onboard videos. YOU MUST SEE WHAT DRIVER IS DOING AND HOW TO LEARN. Period.

Today we have six times WRC champion Seb Ogier who was driving M-Sport Ford Fiesta WRC at that time at WRC Rally Australian, season is 2018.

And we have the GoPro camera behind a driver so we can see what he is doing on this shakedown special stage.

BTW, I am looking for a sponsorship or a sponsor who will buy us GoPro for our rally car and we will put a sticker on our rally car for that. Anyone interested? :)

Credit for photos and videos to WRC and Youtube

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Great attitude from crew at @minnowsupport :)

Grab a beer and enjoy!


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