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Creating winners.

If there was one man more legendary than the great SirKnight - it would be his squire son MasterKnight.

Over the past week the strongest and most skilled squires in this realm came together to battle it out on the aparati of the ancient greek and spartian military.

MasterKnight and his team leave now with their chests covered in medals and their hearts filled with pride.

These are boys who have learned early in life, what it takes to WIN!

Training 20 hours per week. Decipline and focus.

Competing in a world where perfection is goal and there is no prize for the underprepared.

Teach your children well ladies and gentlemen. Invest your time, resources and energy into them. And whatever skills they are born with - help develop them.

Family is everything - and your children are your future.

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Congratulations to MasterKnight and his team. This is a encouragement for everyone to invest more on our children

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Thank you very much sir, I think this is enough lesson itself. God bless.

It is a good lesson. Do you have any children Charles?

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Not yet sir, cos am not married but I believe my younger ones and my students are all my children and most of all, their is no better way of securing a better future for your children than planing while they are yet to be born

The holy book says train your child in the way he should go, when he grows up, he will not depart from it.

Its really the responsibility of parents to invest in their children and not just invest, but invest godly and inspiring things into their children because the children are the future.

Thank you @sirknight for this early morning motivation. Have a blessed day.

Thankyou for reading my post Oredebby. Do you have any children? I hope the day ahead is fine for you. SK.

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Nah.... I'm not even married yet.

SK! You have all the reason for the planet and its surroundings. I would be proud to see soon in steemchurch a day of achievements of the children of parishioners! It would be a good idea ?

A celebration of the SteemChurch children is an excellent idea Brother Emilio.

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Yes, I will work on that with your permission. On the one hand we encourage those who have already won and on the other we encourage parents and children to work for the medals

Congratulations @sirknight.
"Teach a child the way he should go, he will not depart from it when he grows up........ Bible
Godliness and great gain is the reward.

Sometimes training them is the only way @sirknight, it's the only way thank you this beautiful one this morning

And good morning to you Jose.

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Hello! @sirknight. Constancy and discipline make us succeed in every decision, sport or part of life in which we decide to exercise those concepts. Do what our children implement them in their lives is an achievement.

Congratulations to the team, MasterKnigth!

Well said Aresbon.

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Congratulations for the success of your children. Motivating the generations of tomorrow is a very commendable task. Ideally, children should participate in activities outside of their school class hours such as chess, painting workshops, music, sports.

Thank you saidaplc. Agree they should participate in activities outside of school, however a good parent will support their children in all manner of activities - school and academic excellence included.

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I do not have children, but parents and adults are responsible for the values with which these children of the future grow

I am sure you will make a wonderful mother one day Susana.

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Amen, thank you, if I hope some day to have children and be a good example for them and educate them and give them good values the product ends up being a pride, since people who grow up under the love of parents, give love, and above all from small inculcate them the love to God.

Good evening respected and admired gentleman, thank you always for your valuable guide and your encouraging and enriching advice. This is an excellent message, children are the foundation of the future, and we adults and especially parents are responsible for the people they are in the future, since at home with the education and guidance of parents are formed Values are enriched in the spirit of respect, love, sharing, that is, to be valuable people and future exemplary adults.

Well said Maria Lara.

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Greetings sir.
i have learn a lot today. children are the future and we must invest all we can in them.
thanks sir.

Very good Dwayne.

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The preparation of children is the task of every father so that the world is better and so that they can inhabit between peace and harmony.

"... Educate children and it will not be necessary to punish men ... Pythagoras"

Congratulations Little knight for your triumph and effort.

Dear leader @sirnight, I am a mother and grandmother and I have learned that every parent is a teacher. Parents teach their children how to walk, talk, eat, dress themselves, and much more. But the way we teach our children the most is by our own behavior. If we curse, they will curse. If we forgive, they will forgive. If we lie, they will lie. If we encourage, they will also encourage. Our children learn from what we say, but above all, they learn from what we do. Well, try to teach your children what you wanted to be. The teaching of our children is the most important work of our life, because every parent is a teacher.

This is all very true martere - thank you for the comment. SK.

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Teach your children well ladies and gentlemen. Invest your time, resources and energy into them. And whatever skills they are born with - help develop them.

This is where I love most,,,when you create time for your children and teach them the right thing,it will be in their memory forever. Thanks @Sirknight for sharing

Yes, my mentor, Sk, I salute you! This shows that we are potential winners, having you leading this journey.

excellent SK, you have to teach children, they are the future of our nation.

Teach your children well ladies and gentlemen. Invest your time, resources and energy into them. And whatever skills they are born with - help develop them.

most parents do not even study their children to know what's embedde in them. Parents should look inwardly into their children's life and then they'll know what skill the child has.

Starting from what was previously stated by you respected gentleman, we must reflect. If we want to educate our children, thinking that he is a loving, ecological, respectful, democratic, successful, brave human being, and attributes that allow him to develop in life in harmony with himself and with others, the way is JESUSCRISTO.

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