What is going on with Liverpool nowadays....

in #sport2 years ago

Anyone saw the football match yesterday between Liverpool and Everton? Long story short.... Everton scored in the first two minutes and then Liverpool dominated the game, until Everton scored again right before end?? I was like WTF is going on here???

I dont know but, since my cousin got injured Liverpool has a hard time keeping everything together. Even if they played like Champions and still they did not finish the job, as how they used to do. Nothing seems to work, the defense was not in control, ball control was not properly kept by Liverpool and on the end Everton finished the job.

And that by the champions of the PL and the same team who won the Champions league cup....
But Virgil was sitting on the bench watching the game and he could not do anything about it, then to sit and watch how his team lose again.... and also another player got injured??? Would almost say there is some kind of curse on the team....nothing works...

What do you think is the problem with Liverpool??
And do you think the team will get back up when all those injured players are back? Or is it simply game over?

I think even if Virgil get back it's simply to late, and my guess is that he will leave Liverpool soon..
What do you think?


Virgil is my little cousin, the son of my sister and am very proud of him, there for i will sometimes make a post about him or Liverpool. So feel free to follow me if you want to stay uptodate!


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