Scorum Coins (SCR) Bounty Up For Grab

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Hello everyone! We hope you're doing fine?

Scorum brings to you a bounty which rewards users for performing the following simple tasks.

Scorum Coins has a very few supply, so we are doing this bounty to spread our generosity to members of Steemit.

Note: this bounty is only limited to potential users not existing users of Scorum

  • Sign up on and then write and publish a unique and quality post on any sports topic on your Scorum blog (200 SCR).
  • Write a compelling blog post to your Steemit followers introducing them to Scorum (100 SCR).
  • 100 SCR reward if you become an active member of Scorum from now till the end of the month.
  • Compose a short captivating tweet on your Twitter page about Scorum using the hash tag "Scorum_en" (30 SCR).

The link(s) of your participation should be submitted in the comment section of this post, and then the participants with the most captivating posts/tweets would be selected, published and rewarded in our next post

​This contest ends on Friday 19th

What are you waiting for? Let's do this guys ✌️🏃‍♂️

​Don't forget to join our telegram channel


Listen up everyone, that’s an awesome chance to get started at Scorum!

Resteemed :-)

This is a welcomed initiative. Lets go guys and make some scorum.

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