Scorum Bounty Program: Translators Wanted

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Scorum is a project where sports and technology come together. We are building a pioneering blockchain-powered sports media platform that rewards its active users with the Scorum Coin (SCR) tokens for their engagement.

One of the greatest things about sports is that it has no borders... unfortunately, this cannot be said for language. That’s why we’re launching a Scorum Bounty program for translators and proofreaders.


The Bounty program works without a limit, everyone can participate in it at any time.

Who we need

  • translators
  • proofreaders
  • community managers
  • country managers

What we need

  • interface translations
  • sports articles translations
  • proofreading of the texts
  • Community management
  • Country management

List of Languages

Chinese | English | Portuguese | Spanish | German | Japanese | Italian | French | Turkish | Arabic | Russian | Dutch | Ukrainian | Korean | Polish | Indonesian | Malay | Vietnamese | Thai | Romanian | Persian (fаrsi) | Swedish …

If you didn’t find the language you want to translate, you are welcome to fill in the form and join our community with this request.

Rewards Distribution

Testing task (interface translation) — 50 SCR.
One sports article translation — 0,03 SCR per word.
One proofreading — 0,02 SP per word.
Community management and country management — will be agreed with each participant personally.


  • All rewards for bounty activities will be in SCR & SP tokens;

  • In order to receive your bounty rewards, you need to create a Scorum Wallet account;

  • Depending on such criteria as the quality of the translations, the duration of work with Scorum, the level of trust and other factors, each participant of the Scorum bounty program will have a rank that will determine who receive the translation or the text for proofreading.

  • Before proceeding with the translation, we will ask you to perform a test task (interface translation) for a fixed fee in SRC tokens. Based on the results of the work done, it will be decided whether the cooperation with you will continue.

  • Your application for a test task has to be approved before you start translation;

  • Please do not start working on your texts without getting our approval for you to do it;

  • You will be officially appointed for a translation only AFTER you receive an email confirmation from Lead Linguistic Coordinator (LLC — [email protected]);

  • We do not allow use of Google Translate or any other different services;

  • The participants who are using Google Translate or any different services will be immediately disqualified (if the text is more than 95% percent identical);

  • If those perpetual translators don't provide their work on time, the translation slot will be given to a backup translator. Based on the results of your work, the amount of your SCR tokens will be determined. You can also find a list of backup translators in the same spreadsheet.

  • Terms and deadlines of each translations will be agreed with each participant personally by LLC

Want to join?

  1. Fill out the Form
  2. Join our Telegram community
  3. Leave a comment here with the language(s) you want to translate

You can always check your status in the bounty program here.

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I will be happy to translate in URDU (PK).

The project looks nice! I'm interested in translating to Spanish.

i can do the arabic translation

I want join Translate Bounty with Vietnamese language

Thank you for approved me as a translator / proofreader of Scorum

I'm interested to be an Arabic Translator for Scorumcoin Project.

I'm really impressed by your project and I would be more than happy to help with Polish translations.

hello , I'm interested in translating to arabic

I see no body applied for Hausa language translation. Hausa is a language spoken mainly in West Africa.

Great project! I'm a big fan of sports. I'm interested in translating to Spanish!

Great, feel free to join the translation/proofreading bounty as well as produce your own content about the sports you love!

Hey, seems project quite good to be working on! I do desire to translate into Turkish.

I am fond of many sports in general, I know much sports history so well translate to Spanish or English sports articles.

That's great! we hope you will also join our author community to produce and promote your own original content.

Wow thanks for letting us know about this bounty! I post similar content on my blog, we should follow each other!

Well its interesting. I am authorised translator and proofreader in for various projects. I am interested in translation and proofreader activity and soon will file the form after creating wallet. Desire language is Hindi.

Hi. I am want to translate this project to Azerbaijani. Please accept me. Thank you!

I can do the Arabic translation.

Hello there, nice project out there, I have applied myself to do Malay translation. Hope to hear from you soon.

Count me in to localize this wonderful project into my language Filipino. :)

Hello, I can do the translation and proofreading for Persian/Farsi

Hi, I want to join the Portuguese team.

Hello! I followed you, let's increase the power of Steemit together! I hope you follow me. I'm always glad to have a new acquaintance with good people! ;)

Hey can you explain the requirements for Community mangers and country managers and what you expect from them etc? Thanks!

I am interested in translating the project to Romanian.

Hi!! I want to join this awesome project as a Bengali translator.

Great project! I´m interested in translating to Portuguese.

I am Interested and ready to translate any content into Arabic

Hello, I can do the translation and proofreading for Pakistan

translate to french for me!!

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