Let the Games Begin: Scorum Launches Testnet!

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Less than three weeks into the Scorum public crowdsale, and the development team has achieved a major milestone for the Scorum project. The first testnet of the Scorum blockchain is now live on Github. After last month’s release of the Scorum solution for implementing atomic swaps on the graphene framework, our team has been hard at work readying the Scorum blockchain for its testnet debut.

To all those who have joined the crowdsale so far, this will be welcome news of Scorum’s viability. And to those new to the project that will reshape sports entertainment for fans worldwide, welcome to a blockchain project that is serious about meeting its goals and putting out action instead of simple hype.

What the first testnet includes:

This first version of the Scorum blockchain features the foundation for the registration and reward pools that will distribute Scorum Power tokens to new users as they register and lay the framework for the Scorum blogging platform’s rewards ecosystem. For the full details on the design of the rewards system, have a look at the whitepaper.

Additionally, there has been significant refactoring and the integration of atomic swap functionality into the testnet. Scorum’s Github repo now outlines how to run your own witness node and connect it to the testnet. The registration committee is a group of people who can take SCR from the registration pool for account creation.

Upcoming developments:

In the coming days, the Scorum development team will be focused on adding the peer-to-peer betting exchange functionality to the testnet. Along with that, the reward system functionality will be further updated and the value relationship between Scorum Power and Scorum Coins will be defined precisely.

The Scorum development team invites anyone interested in testing, learning, and better understanding the Graphene development protocol as implemented for the Scorum blockchain to set up a node and see for yourself how it runs. If you’re interested in becoming a block-signing delegate for the Scorum blockchain, please join our Block Producers Chat on Telegram.

Scorum’s blockchain and wallet will launch on the mainnet in March!

The Crowdsale is still open so there’s still time to get your SCR tokens and score bonus SCR through the affiliate program.

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Every time I see this I think it says scrotum.

Interesting write up man. Its exciting to see all of these coins finally generating some real world applications


Cheers man! Transformative time indeed.

Thanks the post @scrorum.comunity for the socrum project