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                                                      The Start 

I have been doing Kickboxing / MMA / Muay Thai at Port Edward XKT for 4 Months now.

When i first started my friend actually told me about it and told me we should do it together, and i thought it would be good for self defense and physical fitness so i agreed.

 The first day was tough, the physical training is really hard even though they went easy on us at first,  but at the time i was quite chubby and unfit.

The first week was so tough i could barley move when i woke up if i didn't stretch and through out the day.

But after the first month I had gotten used to all the training, i stared enjoying it a lot.

Now its been 4 months and still really enjoying it, and now this Saturday I'm getting graded, I'm sure ill pass, but I know its gonna be tough.

Will definitely write another post if i passed and how it went.

Thank you for reading  


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