Our videos from Wind Tunnel which we visit with @lenka during our Wedding Anniversary :)

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This year has passed our 6th anniversary of our wedding with @lenka. Few weeks before our anniversary I realized that I can not recall what git I gave my wife a year before. I have to admit, that I am terrible at remembering things like that, but then I realized that there are two ways how I can prevent similar situations in the future:

  • write down somewhere what I give to my wife in previous year
  • or... do something that I will remember for ever :)

Guess which option I decided to chose :)

Flying (Falling) is kinda.... risky

10 years ago I was sure, that at some point I'll jump with a parachute from the plane. Back then I considered myself as a so-crazy guy, who would like to just learn how it's feel. And a few years later, my daughter was born, and things changed...

I know that parachutes are really good nowadays, but I would not forgive myself if my actions would cost my daughter a childhood without a father, despite the fact that parachutes are really good nowadays ;)

But I actually never wanted jump from really high altitude. What I always wanted is feeling weightless or something similar :)

And I figure out, that I can achieve something similar without almost any risk :) How? Wind Tunnel!



So we decided to go together. We bought tickets for 3 runs, 90 seconds each. THERE IS NO ORIGINAL SOUND in the video, simply because it was too loud there.

1st run

My wife - @lenka


2nd run


My wife, from 1:07

3rd run, the finally and... DANGER!


IT WAS AWESOME and worth every penny which I paid! Some people may say, that it was very short. To be honest, I had similar objectives before, but now I know, that an amateur doesn't have enough strength to be longer in the tunnel.

Yes! That was really hard! You might think that this activity is easy, but it was difficult as hell. I didn't know that I have some muscles groups... but I learned a lot about that later :)

Ok, so we are the amateurs, are you curious what can do a more experienced person? :)

The instructors

Our instructors showed us what they can do

It was really impressive, but to truly understand what is possible with this very young sport, you can take a look at one of the greatest professional in the world:

World Champion

This is Maja Kuczyńska, she is from Poland, like me. This year with this run, she won the 2nd place in World Championships in Montreal.

My wife was very happy that we went there. I think we will remember our anniversary gift for ourselves for a long time :)

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Też chcę latać!

Maaan, I would love to try that :D Let me marry you.

First of all: congratz with your anniversary!
And also: nice way to celebrate it! :)

Awesome gift, happy anniversary!

Congratulations. Happy anniversary ☺️

Też chciałem spróbować muszę się kiedyś wybrać. Dużo nie brakowało Ci by dorównać Mai :D

Amazing..... Video.
i like flight