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as / Keiko Cassia has 48 hours before the market closes to decide whether he will stay at Real Madrid or leave.
as / | After Lenin's departure to Liganes and confirmation that Luca Zidane will be the Custia keeper remains the only remaining question to be resolved is the status of Kiko Cassia.
as / | In Real Madrid they assume that Kiko Cassia will remain in the squad as a third-choice goalkeeper this season behind Botho Cortua and Keller Navas.
as / | However, the situation is much more open than it is and therefore until midnight tonight we should not rule out the departure of Keiko Cassia for Real Madrid.
as / | Cassia still has two more years in his contract with Real Madrid, but he has many performances on the table, both in the Liga and even in other leagues.
Marca England, Turkey and France are some of the countries where Kico Cassia's offers came from, and the priority is to continue playing in Spain.
Marca Sevilla is the strongest team seeking Cassia services. In fact, sources confirmed yesterday that the Andalusian club officials are in Madrid

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